The Unemployed Are Lazy. They Don’t Need Unemployment Assistance. It Just Encourages Them. Eh?!

I’m in the jobs business ( and … I hear lots of ‘we could fix it if …’.

So since absolutely no one has come up with a plan that makes any sense on creating jobs then please point me to the person that has a plan.


The unemployed now are mathematically as expected.

In a short recession (<9 months) it takes 2-3 months per month of recession for jobs to return.

In a severe recession (> 9 months) it takes 4-5 months per month of recession for jobs to return.


We have known for a long time not to expect better.

The talking heads in Washington, left or right, liberal and conservative, can chatter all they wish.

The approximate mathematics are well known.

Back in 2009 serious economists and various studies had already pointed out that it would not be until 2017 at the earliest when there was any hope of our job markets returning to some sense of normalcy.

>> Wall Street Journal predicts 2017 (2009):

>> New York Times predicts 2017 (2009):…

>> The Atlantic predicts 2017 (2009):…

… and any number of other serious publications are of likewise mind.


So the next time someone berates the unemployed for being unemployed, and not needing any assistance, please offer them your job.

I’m sure that you can find another quickly. Only the lazy sit on their ass and complain about not being able to find a job, eh?!

Maybe I’m wrong. What does a dog catcher know.


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