Army ‘Birther’ Pleads Guilty at Trial


Lieutenant Col. Terry Lakin, the Army surgeon who has morphed into the poster child for the so-called “birther” movement, pleaded guilty at a court-martial this morning to violating military law by failing to report for pre-deployment processing at Fort Campbell, Ky.


Bill4DogCatcher sez:

In the courtroom was Orly Taitz, the Russian-born Israeli émigré to the U.S. who has filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to force Obama to release documents related to his birth in Hawaii.

Taitz has been involved in two different findings of Obama’s “real” Kenyan birth certificate. Each were later proven to be forgeries. Taitz was fined $20,000 in the second case for misconduct. Upon appeal it went to SCOTUS and Justice Clarence Thomas was assigned to review the case. Thomas, a well known liberal, dismissed Orly Taitz’s appeal as being without merit. Taitz claimed that Thomas didn’t really sign the review and wanted Chief Justice Roberts to verify Thomas’ signature.

With legal advice like that provided by Orly Taitz, LTC Terry Lakin was without defense before the court that forced a yes or no response to questions as to whether he followed military orders.

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