Hip-hop ode to Alexander Hamilton, shot to death by an American vice president. No duck hunting involved.

You think politics are bad now?

We once had a vice president (Aaron Burr) that killed one of the nation’s founding fathers (Alexander Hamilton) — and the only real charge against Vice President Burr was that he may have taken advantage of Hamilton, who was not known to be a gun person or have much interest in the duel. It is said that Hamilton’s gun only fired as he fell to the ground.

Alexander Hamilton was elected a member of the Continental Congress in 1782. Ol’Alexander was a leading proponent of a stronger national government and advocated a national government that would have virtually abolished the states. Hamilton supported a popularly elected president, but one that was president for life.

On the eve of the presidential election of 1800, Hamilton wrote a bitter personal attack on the president (Adams) that contained confidential cabinet information, intended to derail Aaron Burr’s chances of ever becoming president — Burr was campaigning against Jefferson and one other candidate. Hamilton’s effort worked. Burr lost to Jefferson … and it would eventually cost Hamilton his life.

Burr failed (barely) to win in the 1800 election and became Thomas Jefferson’s vice president (1801–1805). Being the vice president was a job given to the loser way back then.

Burr shot Hamilton dead while serving as the nation’s vice president in 1804.

Hamilton’s written attack was meant to be private and to rally support against Burr.

Somehow Hamilton’s attack letters were leaked and published by Burr himself.

Hamilton was destined to grace the front of a $10 dollar bill. And if there was ever an official opening for patron saint of the Federal Reserve it should be Hamilton that gets the nomination.

As for former Vice President Burr, he was arrested in 1807 for treason as he tried to start his own country. Charges were dropped and he soon left the U.S., returning some years later and lived life out as a successful lawyer and lobbyist.

So you think that 2011 is full of whine and vinegar when it comes to politics? Hell, we’ve always been this way.


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