If you want my vote: ‘Just the facts’. No garbage, please.

Even though a chart is technical correct, being correct can also mislead.

The Daily Kos chart below is fairly impressive and would seem to support Democrats as being good for business.

Reality is that the market responds quite well under Democrats. So let’s not take away from that by seriously misleading as to how current Dow Jone Industrial Average (DIJA) stock performance is or has performed.

The chart below comes from an article entitled ‘Just the facts, please: Stock performance under Clinton, Bush, and Obama‘.

Just the facts should be just that.

However the Daily Kos chart misleads as to how well the market is responding under President Obama.

The DIJA is responding well — but it is not better than at the height of the Bush Administration. The market has just recovered to where it was, although this chart makes it seem that it is far better than it ever was under Bush.

In the chart below I have added the annual performance of the DIJA  since 1992 (’92 3.1K) and added a corrected market performance depiction for 2007/2008 (the thin red line).

My point is that I look forward to accuracy.

As an independent I vote for members of both parties, and the occasional independent or libertarian if I believe that they can win.  We have elected independents and some Reform Party officials in my part of Virginia so voting for them is not a wasted vote.

My point is that it bothers me greatly when an article that has much going for it so biases its data that its validity as a whole becomes questionable.

If you want our votes as independents, and our votes pick the winners in the general election, then don’t feed us garbage.

I look forward to just the facts.

Original Chart: Just the facts, please: Stock performance under Clinton, Bush, and Obamahttp://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/03/31/962053/-Just-the-facts,-please:-Stock-performance-under-Clinton,-Bush,-and-Obama

DIJA Annual Performance: http://www.1stock1.com/1stock1_139.htm


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