Bill4DogCatcher sez about Dems, Reps, Weasels, Cojones and Unemployed Circus Clowns

I am just amazed. As a fiscal conservative there are a ton of things that I would do to rein in spending. And I bet that we could get Democrats on board too.

Hooray for the Gang of Six.

As a responsible fiscal conservative I also understand that you have got to give to get. Some might call that compromise. It depends on whether you are selling your pride or your principals for cheap.

Pride should never be allowed to get in the way. And you aren’t selling your principals for cheap if you get most of what you want.

Charles Krauthammer — arch conservative — had a great piece in the Washington Post this morning on Paul Ryan’s budgetary plan. Called ‘‘After Ryan’s leap, a rush of deficit demagoguery“, even Krauthammer doubts that there is a Republican other than Ryan that even has a clue about the numbers and that can explain what they mean.

As to Krauthammer’s point, Republicans are already pulling the rug out from under Paul Ryan by having introduced an ALL NEW plan yesterday.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio and his allies essentially say that transitioning society to a different self-sustainable way across 50 years is about … 41 years and 9 months too long. We either get right by 2020 or sooner.

BTW – the Jim Jordan plan: some talking points. The essence of the Tea Party (and the meandering left, too): talking points, ideology, no math, no evidence balancing social programs with critical stuff such as credit card wars, blank check security spending, etc.


As for the federal shutdown soap opera: what a mess WE created.

We are the collective American voters that claim we want an independent-minded Congress and yet continuously elect people that vote the party line, of both parties.

However, we wouldn’t be arguing about an impending shutdown if the last Democratically-controlled Congress passed a budget, or even made an attempt.

To their credit, the current lineup of Democrats have compromised/agreed to much more than the $30 billion in cuts wanted by House Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership. Hooray for meeting the Republicans more than half-way.

Although the Republicans then filled the spending agreement with poison pill programmatic bill riders that no self-respecting Democrat would vote for — note: Democrats have a long history of doing the same so there! Weasels.

Sober up folks! A shutdown might be good.

To the Democrats that are crying in their hands about how unfair and uncaring Republicans, especially Tea Partyers, are, then I have a few thoughts for you:

    #1 – What Wusses! You had 59 votes in the Senate for all of 2010 and yet you were too scared to take a vote on the budget in the lame duck Congress for fear of a Republican/Tea Party filibuster? Hello, did someone just invent filibusters?

    #2 – You, the Democrats never even finalized a budget bill. There was no Senate version that matched a House version. So a vote was not even possible until that happened, yet you say that you didn’t vote because of the threat of a filibuster.

    #3 – After the election you could have called a special session and worked on the budget until the Senate and the House resolved the wording and came up with a single plan.

    #4 – Screw the Tea Party. Democrats need to stop being afraid of their own shadows and need to hire an unemployed circus clown to bring some organization to the party. Many Americans may think that Republicans are mean, scary and could care less BUT why not just rename your party ‘the Jellyfish Confederation’ and be done with it.

    Tip: Ask Bill Clinton to explain what cojones are.


When Congress and the parties come to understand that ‘We the people’ includes a whole spectrum of beliefs other than the snakeoil-of-the-day being peddled by individual congressmen then maybe, just maybe, we will have a better government capable of passing next year’s budget before next year is almost half over.

A pox on them all!


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  1. Agreed on a pox on them all, but we all suffer now due to past Dem cowardice and current Repub arrogance. A lose-lose combination.

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