Zen – When Newts Fall On Their Own Sword

The world is too serious to be taken seriously.

At face value, most serious  discussion is often just a rationalized attempt to kneecap the opposing view.

Newt Gingrich is a good example. He introduced the catchphrase ‘Democratic thuggery’ into the lexicon back in 1994. I’m sure that others probably used it beforehand, but these were strong words from a Speaker of the House that then uttered the words ‘let us work together’.

I wonder how Newt Gingrich feels about thuggery now that in an off-moment he uttered the truth: right-wing social engineering is just as bad as left-wing. Yes, indeed.

Professor Gingrich seems to have separated his mind from that of his alterego: Georgia Bulldog … it was a fleeting moment but that can happen when you try to manage schizo views in a world where you need votes from all corners and must pander to just one if you are to stay in the game.

Newt the professor and Newt the politician never seem to learn from one another.

As for the right-wing social engineering — AKA ‘The Ryan Plan‘ — I actually like the basic idea of it. Unless Paul Ryan (R-WI) is just a trojan horse then the plan has merit.

The problem is that Paul Ryan is effectively a trojan horse, whether he wants to be or not. His plan skirts the boundaries of acceptance across political philosophic lines. If he were to commit to a trial run, triggers that reactivated Medicare coverage should the free market fail to either be competitive, efficient or provide services to all eligible Americans then we go show go with the Ryan Plan.

Reality though is that the overwhelming majority of Republican really just want to torpedo Medicare and could care less about the Ryan Plan. The Ryan Plan is effectively a trojan horse unless there is also a commitment to specific policies.

Dear Professor Gingrich, you have now met thuggery for your comments on right-wing social engineering. How does it feel? How does it feel to fall on the ideological unforgiving — sometimes unthinking — sword forged in the fires of 1994 which you created?


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