Zen — Living with ENTJs

Bill4DogCatcher is an ENTJ.

ENTJs love debate … for about 10 minutes. Maybe 20.

If ENTJs get into a discussion then there is a good chance that they have already devoured beforehand whatever info is available — or will stop to go find out. They want you to persuade them — although they have probably already made up their mind. ENTJs are notorious for trusting their own judgement.

Please present facts and pose logical outcomes. Because if you don’t then we are all possibly screwed. Once their mind is (quickly) made up then they move on to try to make it so with a missionary zeal.

ENTJs do not dwell on the finer points of nuance: quick to consider, maybe even reconsider — but you will get an answer — quickly. Brute force of follow-through is considered acceptable to achieve an outcome.

Taking action matters. Dawdling or indecision is dismissed as being just that.

We ENTJs love feedback … even when it doesn’t agree with us … which is seldom or should be … unless we are wrong … which is seldom or should be.

(In)Famous ENTJs include such people as Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, Bill Gates, Adolf Hitler, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Warren Buffett.



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3 responses to “Zen — Living with ENTJs

  1. Hummm… I found most of those people also listed as ENFJs… And several other profiles. It depends upon where one looks. Just as millions believe in astrology or look to religion, I think people see what they want to see in the results of the BM test. It’s a bit like a horoscope… You’re “in there” regardless of the answer.

    • Only schizophrenia separates us ENTJ / ENFJ horoscope readers. … No, it doesn’t. … Yes, it does. … I told you to shut up. … I told you first. … Go to hell. … Why not, you are already there. … No we’re not. … Who knows?

  2. Hmmmm….you know, from your description, people like you and me should inherently dislike each other–or at least drive each other insane.

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