launches its own political party – an UPDATE.

It is summer and silliness has already infected many sane, serious people that in an otherwise cold month would consider doing anything or joining anything to stay warm — even joining a third party, probably the 1, 678th formed this year.

Earlier this week I noted that was forming its own political party.  The working name is the Libertarian Democratic Party or LDP. It is a working name and the Steering Committee will be taking the first of three votes as to what the name should be, even whether to keep the name ‘as is’.

Our Steering Committee of now has all of its 20 members, not too shabby for starting out as idea just five days ago. Am proud to say that the Steering Committee represents the spectrum of American political belief — and keeping everyone smiling and working together has made my white hair whiter.

The Steering Committee is spread across the political spectrum and across the country with its members coming from California, Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

I hope to have enough of the loose ends tied together to announce more just after the Fourth of July.



The Libertarian Democratic Party (LDP) seeks to be fiscally responsible, socially liberal and pragmatic. We are centrists. We are centrists with members that may lean right or lean left, and it matters not because we are all American citizens in this together.

We could be a party. We could be an advocacy group called a party. We could be a philosophical grouping of people that become a party.

We are a party of acknowledged differing views that put country first before adherence to some central platform. Our approach to problem solving is structural: issue formation, fact-finding, consensus building, and activist via either endorsement of people and concepts, or pursuit of some agreed upon strategy of advocacy.

Our actions are led by a steering committee of no more than 20 of our members guiding our group’s evolution and growth. Endorsement of individuals within political races, issues and policies will be given with a minimum of two-thirds vote to endorse.



‘Socially liberal’ is not the mandatory accepting of other’s differences as being correct. Socially liberal implies that we understand that others make different choices than we do — and if it doesn’t hurt us then we agree to coexist and to look for those things that we agree upon.

‘Fiscally responsible’ means A) avoiding deficit spending except for a short-term immediate need when either raising taxes or transferring funds from another program is not feasible. Deficit spending should be reduced beginning with the next fiscal appropriations cycle; and B) taxation should be as evenly spread across the tax base as possible based upon the effective tax rate being the measurement of fair. Those Americans living at or below the Federal Poverty Level should be given every consideration for tax reductions.





The name of this association shall be the ________________, hereinafter referred to as “____”. The ____ is a non-incorporated free association of individuals.
>>> Note: the group name of Libertarian Democratic Party or LDP is just a working name. An accurate one but the Steering Committee will determine the actual name, as well as the final form of these bylaws.


The purpose of the ___ is to organize the means for promoting candidates, ideas, institutions and public policies which complement our core principles.


a. The Statement of Principles affirms that philosophy upon which the ___ is founded, by which it shall be sustained, and according to which endorsements and pronouncements will be declared.

b. Changes to previously adopted Statements of Principles requires that it may be amended only by a three-fourths vote of the Steering Committee, or a three-fourths vote of the general membership if there is an organizational referendum.

c. The ____ Platform shall consist of the Statement of Principles and the endorsements of public policies within the last 24 months as our organizational planks.

d. Endorsement of public policies will be removed as planks after 24 months unless there is a new vote of support by either the Steering Committee or the general membership.


Membership is open to all U.S. citizens that affirm their general agreement with our Principles and wish to freely associate as members of the ____.


Membership in the ___ is not to be exclusive. Members of the ___ are encouraged to participate in other political, fraternal and community organizations of their choosing. No member should be judged by their membership in any organization which conforms to the laws of the United States, and legally exists under those laws.



a. A general meeting of the membership will be called at least once annually during May or June of each year.

b. Participation in a general meeting does not require physical presence. Participation in the general meeting requires that a member register to participate, and participates either physically or virtually. A member cannot vote without registration of intent to participate.

c. Announcement of a general meeting date must be announced at least 30 days in advance.

d. A general meeting may be called throughout the year by a simple majority vote of the Steering Committee or by a petition of 5% of the general membership.


a. The Steering Committee is comprised of 20 members. Those 20 are elected from the general membership once the ___ enters into full operational status after June 2012. Until June 30th, 2012 the ___ is considered to be in provisional status. Committee members are selected at the invitation of the Committee Chair and by their willingness to serve.

b. Candidate Endorsements …

c. Ideas and Education …

d. Institutional Relationships …

e. Public Policies …

f. Sunshine Policy: All committees are open to participation by registered members of the general membership. Participation allows debate and introduction of a resolution if seconded by a regular committee member. Participation does not allow a general member to vote on committee business.

g. The Secretary shall publish a committee minutes report within seven days of any committee meeting. The minutes are available to the general membership.

h. Removal from committees: a committee member automatically removes themself from a committee due to non-participation in any vote within a 60 day period. Upon petition from a committee member, and with a secondary endorsement from another committee member, the committee can chose to remove committee member status on an individual by a two-thirds vote.


a. The Steering Committee is senior to all other committees. The Chairs of each committee is elected by the Steering Committee. An elected committee chair does not have to be elected from members of the Steering Committee.

b. Each committee shall have at least three officers: a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a Secretary that also serves to administer rules-of-order decisions as well as to document the proceedings. Each committee can choose to have other officers as it believes appropriate.

c. The Vice-Chair assumes the responsibility of the Chair, if the Chair cannot participate. The Secretary assumes the Chair’s duties should both the Chair and the Vice-Chair be unavailable.


The Trustees are those members authorized to speak publicly for the ___. The Trustees are comprised of the three primary officers of any committee. The Trustees of the Steering Committee speak and represent the organization as a whole. The Trustees of all other committees may represent to the public those actions and decisions of their committees. The Trustees of the Steering Committee may authorize may authorize any member of the ___ to represent the ___ to the public or to another organization if two of three Trustees agree and report their decision to the Steering Committee for inclusion in the minutes.


a. General Counsel, who shall be an attorney and advises on legal liability

b. Media Editor, responsible for oversight and quality control of ___ media distribution. Must be a ___ member.

c. Moderators of media or panels or outreach campaigns. Must be a ___ member.

d. Membership Coordinator. Must be a ___ member.

e. Candidate Moderator, responsible for collecting and disseminating information to the general membership on candidates that choose to run internally for any ___ position. Must be a ___ member.

f. Other positions as approved by the Steering Committee, or within a sub-committee, deemed essential to accomplishing its purposes.


a. A majority of the members of any ___ committee constitute a quorum.

b. A quorum for the annual meeting shall be registered participation by 10% of the general membership or a majority of the Steering Committee registering to participate in the annual meeting.


a. Unless otherwise specified, the number of votes required to carry a motion is determined by those voting with abstentions not counted.

b. All voting shall be via secret ballot.

c. Virtually voting is allowed as long as the method of virtual voting is approved by the Steering Committee.



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2 responses to “ launches its own political party – an UPDATE.

  1. Wow! You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? Well, good for you. I don’t believe in parties, but I believe if we have to have them, we need more than two or three that count. Best of luck!

    • Hey, I don’t necessarily believe in parties either. I’m an independent. And so are most of our gazillion — but really only 20 — members.

      Perhaps the best way to think of the party is that we are organized independents. Our bylaws even say that we have the right to affiliate with whomever we wish — which includes other parties: political parties, birthday parties, baby showers, whatever.

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