Zen – About me and my friends.

Once upon a time there were those that considered me on the far, far right.

I was never crazy. Never hateful. But I did have a fixed answer for everything and a quote to go with it.

Along the way I realized that the world works the way it wants, when it wants, and if it wants. Those on both the far left and far right talk about freedom and life and society as if they are saying something. Usually they are not. Usually they are trying to cobble some strategy that denies freedoms to those that disagree with them. Usually they are trying to rewrite the rules so that even if views change the rules assure and ensure that change is minimal across the next generation.

Along the way I have been blessed with meeting many fine people. I have traveled the world and lived in the midst of our foreign policy decisions. At home I have been blessed with the chance to travel the USA from one end to the other — many times over. The less well off are seldom sitting on their arses waiting for a handout. Today we have a situation where there are approximately 18 unemployed for every one advertised job. Yet there are those hard hearts that really don’t give a damn. Not their problem. Not yet.

About me and my friends:

They are Left. They are Right. They are Centrist. They are Moderates.

They are whatever they want to be, but in their hearts they have one thing in common: they put their hand out and offer to help. No matter what they believe they work hard not to let that get in the way.

They are Americans that believe that country comes before party or political dogma.

They believe that facts should have footnotes and be verifiable. (OK, not all. I have to take my ‘Chill!’ stick to some of them. Getting worked up over ‘us and them’ can feel good — just like trashtalking the Georgia Bulldogs when they play the saintly Florida Gators).

Most of my friends are dependable in believing that actions should have someone responsible for cause and decisionmaking — this is not blame placing, this is looking beyond the packaging and looking for reality.

America needs us to work together. We do not have to be in complete agreement. As has been pointed out before: those that agree with you 80% of the time are your allies and not your opponent.

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