Who is Bill4DogCatcher.com? 2011 Summer Update.

I am conservative on the libertarian side.

I aspire to one day be appointed to the position of Advocatus Diaboli — am also willing to take my chances in an election.

Am centrist by nature. I am ALWAYS right but realize that I am responsible for convincing others of my wisdom; failing persuasion a deal may be needed.

Was born a Democrat (in a state that hadn’t elected a Republican to office in 100+ years) but joined ‘Democrats for Nixon’ in 1974 and have this really neat thank you letter from a guy known as Jeb Stuart Magruder.

Was active in the 1980 Reagan campaign as a regional college organizer (even put on a rock concert for the Gipper with my role being ‘the producer’).

1980 and thereafter I maintained my partisan independence as a person that still voted for the individual over the party — but when I didn’t know either candidate I voted Republican. Since I was in the military I adhered to a strict stance of non-political for any candidate or political party. Although I still sent $$ to the NRC and have a 1983 memento in the form of a plastic NRC membership card with ‘Sargeant William Golden’ embossed — just like a credit card except that I sent them money and got Reagan in return.

My faith in the Republican Party began to waiver strongly in 2003 with the Iraq war and the faux conservatism of much of the Republican Party. By 2009 I called it quits on being an ‘R’ and am now a devout independent.

Will drink beer/wine/coffee/tea with anyone … that is buying.



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2 responses to “Who is Bill4DogCatcher.com? 2011 Summer Update.

  1. Joan LaRose

    No one is born into a party. Maybe your parents were Democrat while mine was Republican but there is no “original sin” in politics. My father was a die hard Republican (former career Air Force pilot) who registered independent shortly after GW Bush was elected. He shocked us all with his comment that the GOPs were driving this country into the ground and the Iraq War was another Vietnam where he served 13 months. Dad was correct. Although I am a very conservative person, I am considered a flaming liberal here in AZ. But so is Barry Goldwater too (long dead but now considered to have held liberal views). I’m looking for common sense but only find soundbites and bumper sticker sayings. Why isn’t our leadership looking out for Americans rather than multi-national firms? Corporations are getting more and more subsidies while more Americans are losing health insurance. Corporate executive bonuses are tied to layoffs (cost cutting) and the same companies complain about the unstable economy. Small businesses pay their taxes and earn their money. Large corporations demand tax cuts, subsidies, and favorable business deals. It’s out of balance and the current party system keeps it so. Fundraising is so essential in each party that special interests now run the parties. So consider me an independent, but I don’t feel like there really are many good choices because the moderates in each party have been cast aside in favor of the strident ones.

  2. “I am ALWAYS right but realize that I am responsible for convincing others of my wisdom; failing persuasion a deal may be needed.” I could campaign for you and help with the persuasion, I have this little bat from an old Astros game…works wonders. I’d gladly buy you a beer, Bill.

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