Zen – What Democrats and Squirrels have in common

When the topic comes up about why the Democrats did not submit a budget in 2010, or seem to always be late with a plan on the table, if ever, I often hear: The Republicans threatened a filibuster.

The few scare the many. The 59 quake at the power of the 41. Doh!!

For me it is simple, Democrats have no commonly shared unifying beliefs.

There are no big ideas around which Democrats naturally coalesce … so when a threat emerges they feel the need to form a committee but realize that there is probably not enough time so they go into paralysis … kinda like an animal halfway across the road when a car’s headlights hits their eyes.

Democrats may protest that I am generalizing but probably 10 out of 10 Democrats will disagree as to what I am generalizing about.

Dear Democrats, I am not a fan of the Republicans. I vote for both parties. I am an independent — not a faux independent but a real independent that votes independently of any party. I would realllllllllly like to have someone to vote for in 2012. So far it seems that my options are Chicken Little or the (BIG) little chicken.

As for what Democrats and squirrels have in common: both are creative, clever creatures and both have trouble safely crossing the road.

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