RINO & Conservative — I cheerfully accept both adjectives. Maybe ‘liberal’ fits too.

Yesterday a foam-at-the-mouth gentleman informed me that because of liberals like me that we were selling out our country.

Over the last year I have been called many things. We independents that are truly independent, and not just wolves or lambs hiding out masquerading among God’s other creatures, are considered dangerous — we are dangerous because we don’t align with party positions. We are not predictable.

Anyway, I came to my own defense in the discussion and pointed out that I am a conservative. I am a conservative that does not live on the edge of reality and foam-at-the-mouth upon demand. I can see a flag passing by and feel great pride without the kneejerk post-passage reaction to yell out: “And as soon as we deal with the liberals it will be a great country again.”

Alas it came to pass that defending my conservative credentials only got me called “RINO”.

RINO — Republican in name only — may be a slur to some but it no longer has sting. It is a lot like calling someone a liberal; a term recently renamed by those on the right wing as socialist Marxists. Please, someone buy these folks a dictionary … or point them to dictionary.com.

I am not Republican but you can call me RINO if you wish. RINO to me means a Republican independent enough to think for themselves and willing to vote that way. Absurd though it is to think that any still exist.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I then explained that the word conservative also no longer has any real specific meaning within the U.S.

There are six major species of conservatives that now roam the wild within the U.S., maybe seven if Tea Partyer can be considered a subcategory of conservative. We could designate them fortis iratus american and let the New York Times study them.

Anyway, I consider myself a conservative. When I take a test such as the Nolan political type assessment I am a conservative. My clothes are conservative. My life is conservative. My beer is dark and usually porter. I drink both tea and coffee.

I am not however a social conservative. I lean strongly towards the libertarian side of conservatism — which is to say that when I say I support your right to enjoy your constitutional rights I actually mean it. We libertarian conservatives do not mouth the words like social conservatives do.

Now, on with the holy wars! Who shall we unnecessarily assault today? I love a good crusade. (Apologies to all of my Muslim friends. I was speaking figuratively).


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2 responses to “RINO & Conservative — I cheerfully accept both adjectives. Maybe ‘liberal’ fits too.

  1. Phyllis Coletta

    Bill – great post. You really articulate what many independents – myself included – are feeling. I am not just fiscally conservative, I am downright cheap, but on social issues? Leave me and everyone else alone.

    Ironically, we are the largest voting bloc with the least amount of power. How does that work?

    Are you familiar with Independent Voting and other grassroots organizations that are trying to break the back of the two-party system? Check out http://www.independentvoting.org. It may be worth writing about, because you have a voice that speaks for alot of us.

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