Details, Details, Details … Election 2012 … We’re Mad As Hell … and 24/7 distractions

Earlier today I was in a discussion with a good libertarian friend that can argue both sides of every issue (almost) as well as me.

After some jousting in our discussion group about the reality of a particular issue, he noted “…details, details, details… campaigns aren’t won or lost on details”.

Sad but true … details and facts have absolutely little place in national American politics. Good hair and polemics and the ability to tell the biggest lie with a loud, angered voice works best.

Americans, we are mad as hell and we don’t care why.

The current economic situation is interrupting our lifestyle choices and we don’t really care how it is fixed as long as it doesn’t cost us anything. And since my bumpersticker says that I am X then Y is a flaming a**hole for causing this problem.

It is most unfortunate that loud voices and bluster will keep us from finding the great middle path — and middle paths are not necessarily compromises. But then if I offered to make $9 in overall cuts and raise a $1 tax in  another area and you found that unacceptable then you must be  ready for ‘America 2012 — Land of Left and Right’ and little common sense.



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2 responses to “Details, Details, Details … Election 2012 … We’re Mad As Hell … and 24/7 distractions

  1. George S. Harris

    A good example of this is Michele Bachmann’s recent statement that she will bring back $2/gallon gasoline. She know it’s not possible, we know it’s not possible, but people will believe it because they want things to be “better”.

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