August 2011 Job Numbers – A Perspective: You Wanted Smaller Government. Yes?

August is always hit or miss as to whether there are more jobs than in July.

We have monthly jobs data going back to 1946; to see for yourself go to and select the first database option. Look at the numbers and you will find that the number of jobs in August drops at least 50% of the time when compared to July.


However, the real question about August jobs numbers: you wanted smaller government, yes?

There WERE private industry  jobs added in August 2011! At least 91,000 commercial sector jobs were created per the ADP Employment Report – ADP is the nation’s largest payroll company so they have a good grasp as to whether more folks are getting paychecks or not.

Private industry — predominantly small and medium-sized businesses — created 91,000 jobs.

Math can be a tricky business and you should always demand to see the math.

You wanted smaller government. Right? The loss of jobs in August 2011 appear to be almost solely within the government sector.

So many government jobs were lost that it made it appear that no jobs were created. The math says zero jobs created. Yes, that is a fact. The math works out that way. But reality is that the very thing some folks are screaming about caused the math to work its miracles: cut government! Downsize government! Ok, so it happened. But let’s not pretend that no jobs were created.

Since no one ever reads the notes behind the statistics, let me point out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) actually outlined where the job losses were causing zero jobs growth: “Government employment continued to trend down, despite the return of workers from a partial government shutdown in Minnesota.”


We have so many real problems in the world and in our country. Let’s not shoot the messenger because you got what you asked for.

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One response to “August 2011 Job Numbers – A Perspective: You Wanted Smaller Government. Yes?

  1. George S. Harris

    Well, I’ve said it other places, people forget that governemnt is the single largest employer and consumer/spender/buyer. When you shrink government, all these things shrink with it. The downward cascade probably approaches an exponential slide. You’re right Bill–should shoot the messenger.

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