Zen – I Can’t Convince You So Why Try

Sometimes the purpose of discussion is not to convince but to let other folks know that someone is watching them and they don’t get to say whatever they want without the possibility of a different opinion existing.

This is particularly important when you walk out to your car one morning just to find the jerk down the street stole your bumpersticker and is now driving through town with “I’m a nice guy” stuck on the ass of his car … when really he is just an ass.

If your own self and your thoughts are credible then you will sway the marginal fencesitters. Since most elections are won by only a very few percentage points then your argument should not exist for the groupthink, mindless masses but the few that ponder and consider and act.

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One response to “Zen – I Can’t Convince You So Why Try

  1. Victory always lies with the side able to sway the most fence sitters.

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