Web Radio and Web TV coming!

I promised a September 5th kickoff for web radio.

Oops! Missed my deadline. Our new launch date is September 19th. (Technical glitches — that is my story and I am sticking with it.)

However, you can listen to some music on Radio until we get it all together.

B4DC Radio will be a 24/7 music station with commentary spread throughout. I promise not more than four comments per hour.

Music — these will be my favorite picks and the picks are fairly eclectic. I will probably be the only listener due to the level of eclecticism … but you are welcome to join me if you don’t mind Abba, Led Zeppelin, Goodbye Charlotte and today’s newer adult alternative all on the same channel.

B4DC webTV will initially be a 30 minute segment weekly on all the stuff that I already talk about PLUS images, predictions (probably always wrong), charts, my favorite short videos about life, politics, and trends in America and around the world  … and some other stuff. BUT NO SINGING. I don’t sing. I don’t even do karaoke.

B4DC webTV will be looking for folks to interview and to chit-chat with. You don’t have to be here: we can do Skype video or Apple Facetime. We’re hitech and flexible.


It’s true: I have nothing else in my life to do except to think of new things to do.

… BTW, did I also mention that I will be launching jobs and careers webTV and webRadio at the same time? Tons of news and info on jobs, careers and trends. Since I actually want you to listen to our station we will be offering six different music channels — so you don’t have to go the eclectic route.

Bow wow!

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