Update of ‘What I Believe’

I prefer that you know me without having to guess what I believe.

There is no need to guess, or to second guess, what my beliefs and biases are.

Below are two updates to what I believe.


Global Warming – Yes, I believe that the theory of global warming is generally valid. Whether it is man-made, natural, or a combination of both really does not matter to me. We should stay curious and learn more.

Environmental change is constant. The threat of global warming however should be taken seriously. As much debate exists then we should immediately establish a national commission under the auspices of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to examine this issue over the next five years. The commission will issue each year a report, fully available to the public, that outlines its concerns and a description of the specific evidence that supports the concern. Any one member of the commission may also file an alternative opinion, also to be published along with countering argument from other commission members. Environment change may be constant but the thesis of the global warming argument is that change is time compressed and we will be unable to adapt our civilization at the speed of that change. If that thesis is generally correct then it would be both criminal and malfeasant of us and our leadership to not do due diligence in investigating and reporting to us on the validity of Global Warming or climate change.


Border Security & Illegal Immigration – Secure the border. Now. No one should be able to walk across America’s southern border. Other ports of entry and our border with Canada should be studied and protocols put into place for minimizing illegal immigration.

Policy Challenge: what to do with the many illegal immigrants already in the USA? Shipping them all home is probably not an answer. Many of them have become good, tax paying Americans regardless of whether we or they call themselves American. For those that are inadvertently illegal aliens, i.e. children at the time of entry into the USA, I support the Dream Act, or some form of it. As to concerns that a Dream Act is amnesty I disagree. Frame the Dream Act in terms so that it affects only the individual named. We cannot afford to have a generation of Americans grow up as illegal aliens with poor opportunities for education and integration into our society.


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3 responses to “Update of ‘What I Believe’

  1. George S. Harris

    I know the thing about the U.S.-Mexico border is a joke–right? How do you propose securing a border that is nearly 2,000 miles long and has over 350,000,000 crossings a year? How many more Border Patrols folks? There are 17,000 already. Maybe we could redeploy the troops we are bringing home to new posts all along the border. Or maybe we could declare war on Mexico, go in, kick their ass, kill off the drug cartels in the process and then annex the country so the folks are no longer illegal. Several problems solved. I was also wondering how far out into the Gulf of Mexico and the pacific Ocean do you build barriers–or is it even possible?

    As to studying the Canadian border–we’ve been doing that since 1783 when the border was established. And besides that there is an International Border Commission that was permanently established in 1925 to study and map the border. The IBC is still in existence–I mean how long does it take to study and map a 5,525 mile border?

    As to the illegal kids–change the 14th Amendment. Why should the status of the child be any different than the status of the parent? I know the old argument–they didn’t asked to be brought here. Not my problem. Maybe we should make it so damned miserable that they would go back home. Am not sure I mean that, but when you look at what is happening to the Islamization of Europe, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea.

  2. 1 – Secure the borders? A GOP red-herring. In the 10 years since 9/11, there has only been ONE attack launched from Mex or Can – that moron Arab trying to blow up the Space Needle in Seattle.

    Lovely; we can waste billions to build an Iron Curtain…how about instead we re-do the immigration laws to bring in talent and wealth (like Canada), instead of Granny Khan? And re-do TSA; how about stopping the Underwear bomber at his embarcation point, not the destination?

    2 – Kids born here should stay here. Pass the Dream Act, legalize the hard workers who came here and want to join the system. Make a working knowledge of English an immigration requrement, let them join the military…in short, give them the same opportunity to join the American Dream my grandparents had.

    Of course if we make knowledge of English an immigration requirement, a lot of kids and parents today may end up stateless…

  3. Wow.. two points of agreement in a single day:

    For those who say we “cannot secure the border” – they also said we “cannot go to the moon” or “cannot exceed the speed of sound.”

    I find the arguments about what to do with illegal immigrants in the country meaningless without first addressing border security. Permit me the luxury of a trivial analogy:

    You have a ship. It is sinking, because there is a hole in the hull, and much water is now in the ship that came through that hole.

    Discussions about what to do with the water are meaningless until the hole is plugged. Bottle it? Use it to wash with? Pump it out? All meaningless. Until and unless the hole is plugged. If you fail to plug the hole, the ship sinks, and then water is the least (or most) of your problems.

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