IOWA – the GOP Holy Trinity Wins: One Party with three very different faces.

Romney squeaked/eked out/slid into the winning spot in Iowa by a whopping 8 votes.

Not able to pull off a real win in an uberconservative state, all the true conservative Romney haters are getting their story ready  that the GOP will lose in 2012 because of Romney.

Romney provides conservatives with a ready made stabbed-in-the-back excuse for not winning in 2012.

The problem is that the right can’t put forward anyone capable of presenting a winning story and getting votes because of it. Even if Santorum had managed to absorb more of the Bachmann, Perry and Gingrich votes it would have amounted to less than half of Iowan caucus voters. Shabby times in conservativeville.

The other two candidates that also won in Iowa were Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Rick Santorum is now the default darling of the crony capitalism ‘our next war is in Iran in 24 months’ far right and Ron Paul is largely the polar opposite of Santorum, with Paul appealing to a youth-fueled and old codger alliance of very independent minded supporters that want less debt, less war and more guarantees on their personal freedoms.

With Iowa over, the GOP’s new Holy Trinity of flip-flop, tin foil, and far right wander off to We Ain’t Iowa to see if the party continues for them in New Hampshire.


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One response to “IOWA – the GOP Holy Trinity Wins: One Party with three very different faces.

  1. George S. Harris

    The Re/Teapublican pontificators will have a great day today coming up with all kinds of reasons for the screwed up event . It just may be that the primary result of this whole thing will be that Iowa doesn’t really mean anything–great place to grow corn and hogs, but politics? Surely there is a better way. Can we go back to the smoke filled rooms?

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