Ron Paul, Red Dawn and Chinese Armed Forces in Texas

There is a very interesting new Ron Paul RevolutionPAC advertisement that focuses on foreign policy.

One premise of the Ron Paul campaign has been that many of our woes around the world are self-inflicted. I would agree, although I am not in complete harmony on this.

Below is Ron Paul’s new RevolutionPAC foreign policy ad. (The ad is not by the Ron Paul campaign itself, but by his supporting PAC. I know: hamburger, cheeseburger. Not much difference.)

The theme from Ron Paul’s ad is not new. It is a thread of thought that has been with us a long time now.

In 1984 there was a Patrick Swayze movie called Red Dawn. The movie didn’t explain what happened to cause foreign troops to be stationed on U.S. soil but the rest of the movie makes for a feature length story of Ron Paul’s new foreign policy ad.

Movie - Red Dawn - 1984

Movie - Red Dawn - 1984

Thanks to Al Alborn for bringing the Ron Paul ad to my attention.

DISCLAIMER: I support the core thesis of this advertisement. On the other hand I consider America to be an empire. Empires have a choice: stay involved or become one of the players that have to play by the rules rather than make up the rules. It isn’t a perfect world.



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3 responses to “Ron Paul, Red Dawn and Chinese Armed Forces in Texas

  1. George S. Harris, Captain, Medical Service Corps, U. S.Navy (Retired)

    The next thing you know, he will be talking about the black helicopters or whatever else that will appeal to the basest of instincts in his followers, particularlyin the south, lower midwest and the southwest. Yes, I would agree that the continuation of activities in Afghanistan have to cease. Sadly, when we leave, things will more than likely fall apart as we have seen in Iraq and as we saw when the Soviets left after 10 years.
    Disclaimer or not, it is interesting that you continue to buy into Ron Paul and his over the top rhetoric since you, me and others gave a substantial portion of our lives to the very thing he would destroy. In addition, you have a business that depends a lot on government and what it does. If Paul had his way, you would probably have to find a new line of work.

    • So what you are suggesting it that the thesis is without merit?

      Or is it just more comfortable not to have to think of life in terms of ‘if this happened here’. That would require humanizing those at the end of our foreign policy ugly stick. No black helicopters required.

      My business depends upon helping protect America. Perhaps one of the greatest threats is not external but of our own creation. I agree wholeheartedly with Ron Paul that many of our foreign policy challenges are self-inflicted wounds. // And there is much that I do not agree with him on at all, but am willing to show respect to ideas that I believe have merit.

      Paycheck or patriotism? America first. We’ll make all else work out somehow.

  2. It’s interesting that he gets the highest percentage of donations from active duty military of all of the candidates. Perhaps they are sending a message…

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