Is Fox News following a script? Fox News on Energy Prices – Then and Now

Then and now … flip and flop … Politics 101: blame the other guy whenever possible and obfuscate when your guy is in office.

Often heard is that gas was something like gas was $1.84 on the day Obama became president and now … OMG.

Sure it was lower for that short period of time, but it had just fallen late in the 2008 election year from a high in the spring of 2008 that wasn’t much different than the current cost.

Beware of politicians … and fear their cheering sections even more. Truth often is irrelevant and YOU are trusted to have a short attention span.

So what does the energy industry itself say about high prices? Check it out at this link.

Thanks to Travis Johnson for sharing.


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One response to “Is Fox News following a script? Fox News on Energy Prices – Then and Now

  1. George S. Harris

    When I was in the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, I had the opportunity to study the petroleum industry so a good deal of the stuff in the attachments was not a surprise. Reviewing the gas primer makes me wonder how anyone could believe Gingrich when he says he will bring back $2.50 gasoline. Most folks don’t have a clue about the petroleum industry–they just see the price and buy or not buy. Oh, and they bitch and blame whoever is the target de jour. Right now it is the president and if anyone has a little influence on the price of a gallon of gasoline, it is the president, he has about as little influence as anybody. As long as the demand is high and growing and as long as there is as much unrest as there is in the major oil producing countries, the price of crude and thus the pride of oil will be high. And those are only two of the many factors that affect the price at the pump. There are those who think the Keystone XL pipeline is going to be Mana From Heaven–ha! The tar sands are some of the dirtiest oil there is–the carbon footprint is HUGE. And the overall devastation to the environment is unbelievable. It has been said that if all the oil in the tar sands is consumed, it will be the straw that breaks the environmental camel’s back. The money spent to build and maintain the pipeline, mine the tar sands and refine them would be better spent on producing alternative fuels. Biodiesel from organic wastes, switchgrass ethanol, cellulose ethanol, wind power, solar power, wave power, fuels from other oil producing plants are all viable alternatives. But it takes concerted research probably best done by someone other than the petroleum industry, which does not have everyone’s best interest at heart.

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