Are conservatives anti-women? Are women that think this just anti-conservative?

Women have the right to vote. They should use it.

With Rick Santorum being on a hot streak in recent GOP primaries a lot of talk is being generated about how Republicans are embracing anti-women policies. Certainly the social conservatives are on the blitz in a number of states on almost every aspect of birth control and abortion/choice issues. But does that make the GOP anti-women?

As to whether conservatives and ‘the right’ are anti-women: I’ve got an opinion but will defer giving it because I believe that women need to speak out on this more than we men need to.

I will say however that women seem no more cohesive in their thought than we men if the following is considered:

>> From the Tea Party Patriots coordinator’s notes of 2012.03.14: It may be noted that over 53% of the tea party organizers/activists are women. All 4 of the Tea Party National Coordinators are women. 3 of 5 of the TPP Board members are women. Guess the left thinks we have declared war on ourselves…

Are women just as far left and right as guys? Would seem so.



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2 responses to “Are conservatives anti-women? Are women that think this just anti-conservative?

  1. I don’t really think conservatives are as anti woman as they are control freaks. If you control the women, you control the men.

  2. George S. Harris

    I’m sort along the same line as Moonhowler but I would say that they are not anti-woman, but anti-women’s rights. For whatever reason, they (mostly men) believe they have some God given right to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I suppose this may be because the conservative movement, in particular Republicans, has declared they are the “party of God”, which, in their minds seems to give them the right to dictate what people, particularly women, will do. I find this to be a real oxymoron, the party for less government, individual rights, etc. wants to invade the most private parts of a person’s life.

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