Romney the Faux. Romney the Winger. Romney as Capitalist Giant. Romney as GOP Nominee? Maybe not.

Mitt Romney has so screwed up being what he is that being ‘fake’ is now his claim to fame.

I liked the old Romney, the business guy Romney, the pragmatic Romney, the Romney that could be governor of the bluest state in the nation and get things done, the RINO Romney.

Yes, Romney had to adapt or die for 2012. 2010 sent a message: the right wing sez we don’t have a plan, and we’re not interested in discussion, but the GOP will do things our way or pay for it.

It boggles my mind however that someone that is so rich is willing to sell their soul for so little.

What the election of 2010 did was to hold core Republicans hostage to a fundamentally attractive theme: ‘balanced budgets, less spending, less taxes, etc’ that they had to embrace — but the hostage taking comes in that Republicans cannot now honestly address the issues without being labeled a RINO. To fix our deficit and debt problems requires the old Romney, the Romney that sets aside dogma to seek a balanced solution.

Just imagine if a Republican were to say ‘climate change is real and dangerous’ or ‘war must be paid for just like social benefits’ or ‘tax increases of some sort must be on the table’ … no wonder the few dream GOP candidates of 2012 refused to enter the race. They would be skewered for being RINOs and then washed down with a cup of tea.

As for Rick Santorum. He is on a hot to trot winning streak! He will siphon off enough delegates that it will stop Romney just short of the gates of victory. I don’t think that Santorum will get the nomination … but I don’t think that Romney will either … not without a brokered convention.

Santorum is what Romney v2012 is not: authentic. I don’t like Santorum. I won’t vote for him. But he is authentic.


Mitt’s Real Problem

Mitt’s real problem is that he is Republican.

A Republican in 2012 is expected to embrace dogma. Such a person needs to focus on ‘beating Obama’. Truth doesn’t matter — and Mitt has excelled at making this so through his heavy handed PAC campaigns.

The GOP’s problem as I see it is that it has made Obama the objective. Beating Obama overrides all other concerns.

That is failure in and of itself.

The GOP has lost its soul in search of a way to beat someone that it has demonized — yet there is not a single Obama policy that is much different than that embraced by Republicans in the past.

So to make Obama look ever more left the GOP has moved further to the right.

Republicans no longer debate issues. They slur each other as to how close they are to the fringe ends of the right side of the flat earth.

Adapt or die. Darwinism is alive in the GOP.

Romney adapted by embracing the fringe (only figuratively as it is not in his DNA to follow through) and now he is paying the price. He needs to quickly reembrace being a giant of capitalism. Capitalism is agnostic about such things as tax increases and social policy so long as budgets balance and the people are happy — and that requires Democrats and independents like myself being happy too.

Mitt – we hardly knew you. And we probably never will.

Regards and thanks to Paul Miller: I borrowed a number of his thoughts on how Romney should portray himself in 2012 and his success as governor of America’s bluest state.

Note – I consider myself conservative. But I’ll be damned if I am going to join the fringe (a rather large fringe — maybe half of the GOP) in its crusade against a man.

Ideas matter. Facts matter. The marketplace of ideas is not alive and well within the GOP.

Truth in advertising: at the moment I very much hope that the GOP gets crushed in 2012. It really does need a ‘come to Jesus’ moment where conservative principles and traditions come to matter once again.


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One response to “Romney the Faux. Romney the Winger. Romney as Capitalist Giant. Romney as GOP Nominee? Maybe not.

  1. I thought they already had their “come to Jesus moment” when they declared themselves the party of God and demonized those who don’t believe as they do. I am not sure I can identify anything Republicans are for besides beating Obama and destroying everything he has put in place, offering nothing to replace them. I heard two guys today at the gas station bitching about the price go gas and while one was saying “Drill baby, drill” is the answer and the other replied, “Oh no, fill your swimming pool full of algae like Obama.”. At least Obama is trying to find alternatives while Republicans want to import the dirtiest oil there is–the tar sand oil from Canada, which takes more energy to mine, yes mine, than it produces. The carbon released by this operation is enough to permanently harm the environment.

    The almost endless debates with “candidates” who would have been out long ago if it were not for billionaires and super PACs have really shown just what Republicans have to offer the nation and just how much they hate one another.

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