Dear NRA – Your ‘Defeat Obama Fact Sheet’ bothers me. Where are the facts?

NRA – this bothers me.

Am an NRA member and a gun owner; owner of guns.

It bothers that the NRA is actively targeting President Obama for election defeat by distributing its ‘Defeat Obama Fact Sheet‘ (PDF).

In this factsheet the NRA provides 10 talkingpoints. This is just a collection of innuendo, half-truths (barely truthful is more accurate), and some facts charitably best described as lies.

Dear NRA, advocate for Second Amendment Rights and gun safety and … but please leave attack politics out. Or someone is going to think that you are a gun nut. And since I am an NRA member then I really don’t want to be called a gun nut.



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3 responses to “Dear NRA – Your ‘Defeat Obama Fact Sheet’ bothers me. Where are the facts?

  1. P.G. Walter

    So, wise person, is it your contention that OBAMA is FOR gun rights. Do you think we are not being “attacked” him, Holder, Sarah Brady, etc, etc,at every turn. It is time the Republican party, the Tea Party and the NRA attack back. Just look what all Democratic leader of states and cities are always trying to do on their own. Get your head out of the frickin sand and join the actual FIGHT, rather than wimpering about us attacking them

    • Defending the Second Amendment should not require abusing the First Amendment.

      Saying anything without regard to truthfulness or without regard for how it causes others, even your own supporters, to view the larger movement only damages your cause.

      The end does not justify the means. Let’s keep the fight factual and honest. Integrity matters … or it does with some of us NRA members.

  2. George S. Harrisi

    I’m with you Bill. It sounds like Walternis one of the wing/gun nuts we keep hearing about. It’s one thing to attack with facts, it’s another thing to attack with half- truths and lies. Will go a long way toward giving the Re/Teapublicans & the NRA a good name. Next they will be warning us about the black helicopters.

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