Voter Fraud – It happens. Winning the lottery also (more often) happens.

A recent discussion with friends focused on voter fraud.

The line of reasoning went something like:

We have to show an ID to do X, Y & Z so why not voting too?
We have to do something to stop voter fraud.

These are the same folks that would become apoplectic should we also discuss the need for a national ID card.

Everyone should show some form of identification but we shouldn’t go crazy on what constitutes ID.

I have no problem with some form of ID being presented in order to vote: a driver license, birth certificate (voting is your birth right (now)), an electric bill with your name, whatever that identifies YOU as being you.

I even think that it is a super idea to stick a person’s finger in a bottle of ink after voting — ink that won’t wash off for a week; then we would also know who are the real whiners in life in the days after each election.

BOTTOMLINE: Voter Fraud – It happens. Winning the lottery also happens.

You and I have a greater chance of winning the lottery ($1M+) than discovering a new confirmable case of voter fraud.

Since 2000 there have been just 633 nationwide confirmed instances of voter fraud out of hundreds of millions of ballots cast.

The greater chance of ballot fraud comes in the counting of ballots cast, or when ballots are manually counted. It is the ballot custodians that need the watching.

Approximately 1,600 people win $1 million or more in lottery winnings each year. With winning odds like that then perhaps those that believe the expense of special voter identification measures should also be regular purchasers of lottery tickets.

Voter Fraud Cases since 2000

Visit the interactive voter fraud map and learn more about voter fraud in your area.

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One response to “Voter Fraud – It happens. Winning the lottery also (more often) happens.

  1. ID and finger ink. Perfect! It’s just not that hard to produce some sort of ID. Certainly would help end the debate over “only those eligible to vote, vote”.

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