Americans abandon Democratic and Republican Brands – U.S. Political Party Identification as of September 2012

U.S. Political Party Identification

For the first time since polls began asking the question ‘Do you consider yourself a ______’, both the Democrats and Republicans have significantly lost brand association with Americans.

I consider myself ‘an Independent’ overtook both Democratic and Republican brand identification in early-2011 and has held its #1 identification spot ever since.

Voter Identification by Party as of 2012.09.30

Voter Identification by Party as of 2012.09.30 PollTracker

The biggest loser appears to be the GOP.

Loss of identification with being ‘Republican’ is strange since the the percentage of Americans that consider themselves ‘conservative’ remains a strongly dominating 46% over the 20% that identify as ‘liberal’. The Conservative brand has remained strong since 1980, never once dropping below 40% per Gallup.

Voter ideologic identification - 2012 0900

Voter ideologic identification per

One response from some Republicans is that loss of identification with the GOP just represents those conservatives unhappy with the party itself, and thus they declare themselves to be independent.

HOWEVER, when Independents are asked which party they lean towards then the Democrats have consistently come out ahead (Gallup Sep 2012) which can only be interpreted as a significant number of center-right Americans find it difficult to sympathisze with the Republican Party itself as the better choice over the Democratic Party.

Party Identification as of 2012 0900 per

Party Identification as of September 2012 per

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2 responses to “Americans abandon Democratic and Republican Brands – U.S. Political Party Identification as of September 2012

  1. George S. Harris

    Although I’m sure you and others would call me an independent–I did vote for Reagan–I am and always have been a FDR Democrat. At age 6 or 7, I told my mother on a particularly contentious day that I would be glad when I grew up so that I didn’t have to obey anyone but God and Roosevelt. By the time I was old enough to vote, I was in the military and decided that I would be apolitical except for local elections. My reason was this–the president was my commander-in-chief and I could find a way to agree with his policies and remain in the service but if his policies were so abhorrent that I simply could not agree, then it was my duty to resign. I did vote for Reagan but as near as I can recall, that may have been the only time I voted in a national election until I retired. As to people moving away from wanting to be identified as Republicans, I have no problem believing and simply wonder why in the world they didn’t do it sooner. The Party of Jefferson and Lincoln has been taken over by a bunch of nut jobs who are slowly stangling the life out of the party. I doubet seriously if Jefferson or Lincoln would want to be associated with them.

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