Politics / Do Conservatives Preach Diversity of Thought Without Practicing It?

(the Atlantic) Ideological openness is even less present in right-leaning institutions than in their mainstream analogs, especially in media, or so says Conor Friedersdorf, a staff writer at the Atlantic.

Friedersdorf explores the thought that:

“For decades, conservatives have complained about liberal control over academia and media, often with good reason. Diversity of thought is essential for any institution intent on informing an audience. Students and news consumers deserve better than any information bubble can deliver. Urging these center-left institutions to diversify and guard against bias remains valid. … There is no longer a leftist monopoly in higher learning or media. The right has successfully built alternatives in both areas. Do these right-leaning entities strive for intellectual diversity? They do not.”

Read the Atlantic article.



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3 responses to “Politics / Do Conservatives Preach Diversity of Thought Without Practicing It?

  1. George S. Harris

    I liked this article but, of course, you know I am a liberal. Odd for a military person I’m told but perhaps not unusual when you consider I was in the medical where a diversity of ideas is highly valued. I try to read conservative writings but often get turned off by their language. I realize liberals spin the facts also but they don’t seem to be as blatant or incindeary as conservatives. Maybe I don’t look in the right (meaning correct) places ;-).

  2. From the world.org article:

    ‘“The majority of officers would be described as ‘weak partisans’: not having really intense, strong partisan attitudes,” Urben says. “Most are weak partisans or independents. And that’s something you don’t hear reported as much.”

    This may be due to the culture of the US military, which drills the non-political ethos into soldiers, and even discourages partisan political activity.’

    I believe this acurately reflects my feelings when I was on active duty. As I have noted in the past, I always felt I had two choices when it came to the commander-in-chief–I could either find a way to follow his orders or I could resign. I never found there was ever a time when I couldn’t but I think I may well have had to quit when Bush 43 was in office. The invasion of Iraq was wrong by any measure I am able to come up with and I feel the same way about our continues presence in Afghanistan. Not only are the Taliban and al Qaeda killing our troops but our supposed “friends” are also. And yet we persist things are getting better. I find it very difficult to believe.

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