BOGUS George Washington Quote used to support gun ownership and wariness of government

Note / 2015.08.19: Over time I have received any number of comments about the need to be suspect of government, etc. While that may be true, and while the bogus quote attributed to George Washington supports the ‘never trust government’ mindset: the bogus quote in the meme is not what George Washington said.


Bogus quote.

George Washington

This quote implies that A) Washington was talking about individuals being armed, and B) that they were to be wary of their own government.

Washington did not make the above bogus quote.

Supposedly Washington gave this bogus quote in his first address to Congress — Washington’s speech is readily available for reading. No such quote or similar quote exists. However, in addressing Congress, Washington asked for the native manufacturing of arms and relevant materials (“manufactories”). See his full quote below.

What Washington really said:

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”

— First Annual Address, to both House of Congress, January 8th, 1790.

Kudos to my FB friend Bob Morehead for catching the misquote and doing the factcheck.


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16 responses to “BOGUS George Washington Quote used to support gun ownership and wariness of government

  1. Dallas Wright

    As I have searched many quotes that the founders made at the time or after regarding the right of the people to bear arms. This is not a misquote. All the founders believed in the right of the common citizen to keep and bear arms and all believed that a government bent on the people to be disarmed would be a tyranical government, out to enslave the people. For only tyrants should fear a lawfully armed citizen.

    • You may believe that George Washington thought the content of the quote but the quote remains something that he did not say or write. The quote remains something that someone made up and added his name to.

  2. I agree that it is not a mis-quote…feel free to research this open mindedly; independent research always yields better results, but I would b glad to provide citations as they r so numerous…none of our forefathers thought weaponry, specifically guns, to be solely for militia (military), but also for individual self-defense, for self, family & property, & to defend freedom…this is well known & well documented…tho I agree it is not in the best interests of ppl to mis-lead ppl, who is mis-leading is not agreed upon…

  3. abba

    If you have citations please supply them. But the fact of the matter is that George Washington led a citizen army, against a mercernary army. And his remarks need to viewed in that context.

  4. Egbert S.

    According to George Washington’s State of the Union speech, that quote is there.

  5. Ken Bedroske

    The two very important words overlooked but they who call themselves progressive are”people” and “independent” ,not “government” or “subjects.”

  6. Navyman

    From a Proud Navy Veteran and Gun Owner- Now YOU are going to “interpret” for us exactly “what” Washington meant? Wonderful! Sheer genius! Your vacuous and asinine commentary left me and my shipmates rolling on the decks! Our forefathers, Washington, Madison, Jefferson all knew that someday WE, THE PEOPLE, would need our guns to protect ourselves from a wannabe ‘DICK’-Tator, like Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his cadre of uber-left gun confiscators.
    Chew on this lefties; another quote you Intellectual Pygmies populating the Left can “interpret for the uneducated masses”:
    “As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.” – † Thomas Jefferson


  7. matt

    Washington knew that one day people would try and force things on us and that if we had guns independent of the government then we would be able to appose them. without them we would be like sheep waiting for a wolf. Washington also in many speeches encourages gun ownership of all citizens. So if you wanna go to the way great Britain does things then go ahead and move there, but remember, Washington fought the British and apposed there complete rule over citizens. think on that.

    • This is not about what George Washington believed, or did not believe. I’m calling BOGUS on the falsified quote.

      • This is the NIV of quotes, revised so the low information/low IQ/uneducated can understand GW’s intent and spirit of his words. Quoted directly leaves most liberals to put strange meanings to words they do not understand in the time they were written. Read the Federalists papers for reference.

  8. Bill. Do you honestly think we as a people should NOT be wary of our leaders? That as a people we should just think that we deserve to be protected by our leaders? and be submissive to anything they say? what if they turned evil? what then?
    Human Nature is always something that wants power, because power brings the highest (potentially) amount of survival. So why would we not be wary? why would we not be ready to shout and arm ourselves in times of injustice? so the government could have an easier time ruling us?
    Also we should as a people be armed and prepared, whether against robberies, the government if needed, or perhaps domestic terrorism.
    Now, obviously you would say that we are allowing criminals to arm themselves as well, true, but then why are hear on Earth, (you could say this is now turning into a religious topic but keep reading), to follow submissively to whoever can give the most speeches and appetizing promises? no, we are living beings that make choices, and if someone makes an immature choice then we stop them, one way is to use martial law and justice, true we should, but can’t we try to make a better atmosphere for our fellow men? infringing our fellow man’s rights is not a good atmosphere.
    Here are some facts in support of the common citizen being armed:
    Several countries have laws that order every citizen to own, carry and train with a firearm. Guess what? There crime level is very low, almost extinct, while America is not armed as a people but have a HUGE crime record.
    Besides, if the Government takes away all the guns, criminals would still have the potential to get them, and guess what? nobody would be able to properly be able to protect themselves if they were attacked.
    To end I would like to share this quote: “My rights end where yours begins” We gave our Government rights to lead us, so why would we not be wary and ready?

    D M Earl ll

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