Zen – Life is a Game.

In all things I feel blessed. Have come to appreciate that any bad seems to usually work out in some way that is for my good.

A good attitude can work miracles. Stay curious. Challenge authority. The biggest loser is someone that doesn’t try to play the game.

Life is a game. You may not like politics or whatever, but not liking something will not keep it from coming to you. Life happens. Play it well.



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5 responses to “Zen – Life is a Game.

  1. George S. Harris

    Lions 4, Christians 0 but they played the game.

    • Lions got to eat too … besides they were unthinking pawns.

      After 275 CE once Christians got to turn the tables things didn’t get that much better … and the lions kept their jobs dealing with the heathen. Different day, different menu, same game.

  2. I only play certain games, Bill. I refuse to play political games and games that promote an unjust society.

    I feel blessed as well. I also feel tremendously hormonal, however, so staying positive is a kind of game itself. I’m looking forward to my next life as a genderless lilac bush.

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