Equal Marriage Rights – My View

Equal Marriage Rights

Suddenly lots of folks have discovered that maybe government should get out of sanctioning marriage — except they don’t really mean it.

>>> Example: Some would argue that rather than allow marriage among gays that the government just get out of the marriage business altogether and allow traditional marriage to be between a man and woman — but outside of government definition. This newfound solution to a modern problem sounds good but really it just sidesteps the larger implication of ‘what is marriage’.

‘Marriage’ is about economics and property rights more often than love and just wanting to live life with someone.

We could probably solve this quickly if government really did decide that ‘marriage’ happened between two people and was none of the government’s business … and if everyone that wanted to claim benefits and/or property rights filed for ‘civil union’ status then we could fix this quickly … whether man-woman, man-man, or woman-woman.


Am straight, married and with two kids. I admit to not understanding the attraction to the same sex … but I also accept that it happens for other folks and it is normal for them. It would be nice if the Supreme Court redefined ‘marriage’ as meaning ‘civil union’ and we march on …



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4 responses to “Equal Marriage Rights – My View

  1. George S. Harris

    “Marriage’ is about economics and property rights more often than love and just wanting to live life with someone.”

    Just one question: Did you get married for the above reason or did you just flat out love your wife? Just curious! 😉

  2. Agree with George’s response. Other than the Weasels of Wall Street, who gets married for tax code implications decades down the road?

    • The economics of being married are immediate.

      You are close to the military. The next time around a group of young soldiers or Marines, just ask: why do you think people get married? Am willing to bet that ‘love’ does not rank among the most common reasons. You’ll hear things like it gets you living off the base, you pick up bennies, it keeps you out of the bars … … … and then ask about ‘love’ … oh yes, that is important too.

      • In truth, we should disqualify anyone under 24-25 from getting married; bennies-bars-barracks are all immaterial to those who can’t tell the difference between love and lust!!

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