ARIZONA / IMMIGRANTS / DREAMERS / Drivers Licenses ordered by the 9th District Court

ARIZONA / IMMIGRANTS / DREAMERS … Yes, if it were me I would give drivers licenses to Dreamer kids that can pass the test. Lots of reasons: safety, employment, getting to/from school, basic economics.

Denying Dreamers the chance to get a drivers license is just spiteful and will be counterproductive in the long run: these kids will end up living their lives in America as Americans. Do we want them to wave the Red, White and Blue or do we want them to grow up distrustful of their country?

However, this is an issue that each individual state must deal with.

In this case, the court can order but the order will be appealed and thus not happen. It will go to the Supreme Court which would/should rightly note that absolutely nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government power over drivers licenses.

As for ‘equal protection’ or ‘equal treatment’, none of the requirements between the states re drivers licenses are inherently equal. A state can choose to be as progressive or regressive as it wishes.

Bad for the Dreamers, but not the federal government’s business. If it wants them to have drivers licenses then it should issue them one … which it cannot do … not within its authority.

READ THE FULL STORY on The Wire — includes the complete court order.

Arizona Dreamers

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