ISLAM / ISIS and Extremists criticized as not ‘Nation of Islam’ but ‘Anti-Muslim’

ISLAM / Where are the moderate Muslims speaking out? If you ignore anything said by a Muslim then you probably have heard nada, zip, zilch.

Last week the highest cleric in Egypt, the Grand Mufti, unconditionally condemned ISIS and extremism.

On September 10th, the American Muslim community held a press conference that strongly condemned extremists, and specifically ISIS. They also pledged their love and respect for the American ideal … being an ideal for all.


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2 responses to “ISLAM / ISIS and Extremists criticized as not ‘Nation of Islam’ but ‘Anti-Muslim’

  1. Bill, Why are we not seeing this type of speaking out in any of the media? This would go a long way toward helping folks understand that there are those of there Islamic faith who are totally against groups like ISIS/ISIL.

    • George, good question: why isn’t Muslim criticism of extremist actions getting bigger play in the media.

      There are probably several different reasons. #1 – Muslim voices often deliver their message and move on. They do not dwell on their criticism. This is counterproductive as there is not a constant set of voices being heard. Let me also say that I believe that the lack of repetition is due to fear of reprisal. Muslims are targets. There is a lack of trust within their own community over whom can be trusted. So with so little support and trust from the greater community there is limited reason to put yourself out there as a target unless you have to.

      #2 – Whether left or right, the general Western view is to not trust Muslims at all. We have been exposed for so long to negative news about Middle Eastern Muslim conflict that we (the royal we) find it hard to believe that there are good people among them. We are generally ignorant of differing view of history and still largely see our role and history in the Middle East as being the positive one.

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