Pearl Harbor … Not forgotten (2014)

Pearl Harbor … Not forgotten (2014)

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  1. Jack Stell

    I suggest our phrase should be “Not forgotten but not relived”. I am a combat Veteran myself and I work in the VA (Spokane Vet Center) with combat veterans of wars and conflicts from WWII through the present. My specialties are Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Most of my clients relive their trauma multiple times per day. Most Veteran organizations I am familiar with help Vets “honor” the folks that have died in conflicts they have been involved in and events that trigger these memories. I see very little effort helping these Vets move past their traumatic experiences through therapy. The manifestations of their trauma; depression, anxiety, numbing, hypervigilence, and many other indications are usually treated with medication targeting the symptoms of trauma not therapy to reprocess the trauma itself. Many of my clients are hammered with medications that make life barely more than survival. It is shocking but not a surprise to me that, on average, 23 Vets commit suicide every day. That is almost one Vet suiciding per hour and almost 8400 per year! None of us wish to forget those who have given everything they had for our country but, is it a dishonor to help them not relive their trauma? This is not an easy fix. So, my recommendation is that we at least consider grappling with what is represented by “Not forgotten but not relived”.

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