Issues – USA

Am working to create a series of point papers on issues facing Americans.

Each paper will offer pros and cons, along with identifiable facts and factoids.

Feel free to contribute or to critique. If you critique please send along supporting information or a link to supporting information. I generally ignore claims that are made without documentation.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Election 2010
  • World Currency Question
  • Employment Outlook
  • Global Warming
  • U.S. Competitiveness v Globalization v3
  • Flat World v Spiky World Economics
  • State of Conservative Being
  • State of Republican Party

Send thoughts and ideas to

4 responses to “Issues – USA

  1. Glen Evans

    I think you should also add State of the Progressive Movement and State of the Democratic Party. What drove me here is your seemingly no-party outlook to resolution of problems. If you slant this portion to Republican only it does nothing to further bi-partisan resolution to problems. It does nothing to know or voice what one is doing right or wrong without knowing what the other is doing right or wrong.

    • Truly I lean philosophically Republican. We all lean in some direction, whether we belong to a party or not.

      Yet I do not vote the party line, and often vote for Democrats and others, too. Party votes are wrongheaded to me. Issues in Congress should have a mandatory committee review period and then we take a yea or nay vote.

      You will find that in many of my blog articles that I strongly take Republicans to task, perhaps more so than anyone else.

  2. Read Tom Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map (and subsequent books) and perhaps Natan Sharanskyi’s The Case for Democracy… then think about how the world’s economy and national security are really one issue. People who buy and sell each other their stuff seldom go to war to solve their problems. People who make that stuff seldom engage in Jihad.

  3. ck

    I don’t lean left or right, I lean forward–in the direction I’m going.

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