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We are the many not the few — or so always goes the argument

We are the many not the few – if you don’t think too hard about this song it could represent almost any political philosophy.

Makana, the singer, if he wasn’t wearing a Greek fishing cap and short goatee a la Pete Seeger, then this could be a Tea Party anthem just as well as an OWS theme.

Themes without details are always the road to chaos. Thinking about themes often does lead to great ideas. Yet at some point all of those ideas must make it into writing and the bookkeepers brought in to do a reality check.

We are the many not the few is a very good song. The graphics are relevant and appropriate.

We have been here before.

Details matter. The Tea Party flunked them, the Coffee Party often gets wrapped around the axle about the ones that they like and ignores those that it doesn’t, the Beer Party doesn’t really care because it only exists for the fun of it all (meaningful discussion is optional), and Occupy Wall Street runs great risk of repeating 1968 all over again: big thoughts drove a generation to protest and then they all became doctors, lawyers, bankers and used car salesmen within five years. (I’m thinking of you Abby Hoffman!)


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