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Future Military Technology – What does it means for jobs? Will you have the right skills?

Got a resume? Send it to us.

Technology and what the future looks like if current prototype technology becomes operational.

Of particular focus: cybersecurity and the ability to wage war or to defend against cyberthreats.


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Ron Paul, Red Dawn and Chinese Armed Forces in Texas

There is a very interesting new Ron Paul RevolutionPAC advertisement that focuses on foreign policy.

One premise of the Ron Paul campaign has been that many of our woes around the world are self-inflicted. I would agree, although I am not in complete harmony on this.

Below is Ron Paul’s new RevolutionPAC foreign policy ad. (The ad is not by the Ron Paul campaign itself, but by his supporting PAC. I know: hamburger, cheeseburger. Not much difference.)

The theme from Ron Paul’s ad is not new. It is a thread of thought that has been with us a long time now.

In 1984 there was a Patrick Swayze movie called¬†Red Dawn. The movie didn’t explain what happened to cause foreign troops to be stationed on U.S. soil but the rest of the movie makes for a feature length story of Ron Paul’s new foreign policy ad.

Movie - Red Dawn - 1984

Movie - Red Dawn - 1984

Thanks to Al Alborn for bringing the Ron Paul ad to my attention.

DISCLAIMER: I support the core thesis of this advertisement. On the other hand I consider America to be an empire. Empires have a choice: stay involved or become one of the players that have to play by the rules rather than make up the rules. It isn’t a perfect world.


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American Classic 2012 – Zen is what you make it.

My advice: Stop spending. Start saving. Expect worse. Work for the best.

Help is not on the way from either Left or Right. You must create your own job. The time is yesterday to evaluate your skillset.

Bill4DogCatcher.com’s outlook is that 2012 will be 2011, only worse.

Everyone wants everyone else to pay for what they themselves do not want to pay for. Yet so much is owed that it just about doesn’t matter if you or I both pay more, unless quite a bit more // the flip side is that we are mostly in this pickle because we went along with tax cuts, cheap Chinese products and all of those added benefits without a second thought — back when we had the luxury of having a second thought.

2010: 2.9 million home foreclosures. Approximately 12,000,000 changed their way of life.

2011: On par with 2010 but foreclosures are up about 30% since August 2011.

2012: 2011 continued + federal meltdown. All are to blame and it will take sacrifice by all to fix it. If you want it then it needs to be paid for.

American Classic 2012

American Reality 2012


Don’t look for more in 2012. Or not enough to break through our population growth level.

The jobless numbers may get better as a percentage but that is because we are no longer counting the majority of the newly jobless from 2008-2010.

Look for the raw number of Americans employed to hover around 134,000,000 on a good day for the next few years. In 2000 we had 132 million employed and by 2010 that raw number had dropped to 130 million despite 30 million new souls added among us.

2010: 75% of those jobless got some form of unemployment assistance.

2011: 48% get some form of unemployment aid; you have a lifetime limit of 99 weeks.

2012: The raw number of those employed seems to have plateaued. We are not losing jobs but neither are we gaining jobs. Population growth requires that at least 125-150,000 jobs be created monthly. Ain’t happening. WON’T HAPPEN. Technologic advances are not slowing and the truth is that much of what is still done by people with jobs now could be further automated and refined (i.e. humans no longer needed). It will be too.

So what to do? It will take a lot more thinking than just taxing the rich or telling the screwed: eat cake.


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Is no job safe? 10 lessons learned from China and India that are your job future. Maybe.

I am ever thankful to my buddy Al. It seems that he is busy reading all the good stuff that I would be reading if I wasn’t ever so busy reading all the other good stuff. Good being relative, of course.

Earlier today Al posted a piece called Your Next Job: Made in India or China – 10 Ideas That Will Change the World by TIME.

Often I am busy giving seminars on economics, business trends and ideas that create jobs. Am a fan of Thomas Friedman and his The World is Flat thesis that India and China (and other countries) aren’t so much taking our jobs from us as we are failing to compete for them. Friedman’s views back up nicely to Your Next Job: Made in India or China article that Al recommended.

One thesis excerpted from Your Next Job: Made in India or China:

“The advance of China and India demands an overhaul in the way we think about jobs. You might just find, for example, that your biggest customers are in Chengdu, not Chicago, or that your boss sits in New Delhi, not New York City. Your paycheck could come in renminbi or rupees instead of in euros or dollars. Sure, in this new economic order, your job may be lost to Chinese or Indian workers. But don’t worry. They’ll give it right back.”

I’m not sure that they will really give it right back. There is no reason however that we can’t win those jobs back — BUT we will have to play the Globalization v3.0 game to do it.

Globalization v3.0 = the ability to harness market and human capital to compete against any city, county, region or country. Instead of talking about how India is winning our jobs we need to focus on how Indianapolis or Jacksonville or Des Moines can restructure itself to take on the world.¬† The downside of being more competitive is that American industry will not attempt this on its own. When you are wed to quarterly profit predictions then restructuring to take on the world is seldom of interest — not when it also requires that you think about the needs of people in the communities affected. India and China have a competitive advantage in that their industry can experiment with different business structure because things like child care, health care, and the social safety net are separately provided.

So I was thinking that maybe if things got desperate then I could become a barista — making people happier through hotter, faster, tastier coffee.

Now that bubble is in danger of popping too. It turns out that one Chinese restaurant in Malaysia now uses robots to run much of its business. Not in the kitchen but up front with customers. Robots take orders, serve and even makes chat.

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Jon Stewart Channels Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck makes many valid points when he discusses issues of the day. He also has a habit of sometimes just drifting into alternate universes … and who knows what he is really thinking when he drifts off.

WARNING: Adult language, humor and strongly partisan parody will be viewed. On the partisan perspective, if you are offended by the message that’s OK. If you are offended by Jon Stewart’s parody imitation of Glenn Beck then you are probably really offended by the message — because Jon Stewart does a very good Glenn Beck imitation.

This is Jon Stewart’s channeling of Beck’s recent musings on how evil progressives are behind everything.


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