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Political Violence Advocacy – New Game: Tea Party Zombies Must Die!

Tea Party Zombies Must Die! is a new online video game by Jason Oda of Starvingeyes Advergaming.

In Tea Party Zombies Must Die! you get to track down your favorite conservative and smash their brains in or kill them with a shotgun, an AR-15, a crowbar, an AK-47, etc.

The game’s opening screen:

Tea Party Zombies Must Die game opening screen

A screenshot of Sarah Palin as a zombie.

Tea Party Zombies Must Die! Sarah Palin as a zombie

Somehow if this game were called Leftist Liberals Must Die! I am pretty sure that we would hear no end of the outrage.

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Birthers go crazy on Glenn Beck; Birthers demand evidence. None seem to have read the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

Dear Glenn — welcome to a world that you helped create. Fun ain’t it?!
Jonathon M. Seidl, a writer for Beck’s new ‘The Blaze’ news website wrote a short item that now has Birthers up in arms (B).Beck and Seidl got a walloping ‘what for!’ of ‘Where’s the birth certificate’ on TheBlaze.com after defending Obama’s legitimacy on the birth issue.

Glenn Beck may get crazy about President Obama on other issues but Beck is not a birther.

Beck has repeatedly asserted that Obama is a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution.

Within hours of the article’s posting, a huge number of comments followed, with at least 45 people questioning Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. It must have stung that less than 10 commenters supported Beck’s position and rejected Birtherism.

WorldNetDaily (WND), in its commentary on the issue asserts: “Several readers pointed out that the biggest issue regarding Obama’s eligibility is not his birthplace, but whether any child of a non-citizen parent could possibly satisfy the constitutional requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen.” At the time the Constitution was written, the phrase “natural born citizen” was understand ordinarily to mean a child born of two citizens. Obama’s father was a British subject at the time of Obama’s birth, and, in fact, never was a U.S. citizen.” (A)

WND’s assertion that two parents are required to be a “natural born citizen” seems to have no historical basis nor source of reference. Since President’s Obama birth eligibility has been challenged twice before the Supreme Court then there would appear to be no basis for a constitutional challenge on the ‘two parent’ interpretation.

There have been several historical Supreme Court challenges as to the definition of “natural born citizen”.

In 1857’s Dred Scott v. Sanford 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857) Justice Benjamin R. Curtis wrote is his dissenting opinion (C):

— First. That the constitution itself has described what native-born persons shall or shall not be citizens of such State, and thereby be citizens of the United States; or,
— Second:. That it has empowered Congress to do so; or,
— Third. That all free persons, born within the several States, are citizens of the United States; or,
— Fourth. That it is left to each State to determine what free persons, born within its limits, shall be citizens of such State, and thereby be citizens of the United States.

If there is such a thing as Citizenship of the United States acquired by birth within the States, which the Constitution expressly recognizes, and no one denies, then those four alternatives embrace the entire subject, and it only remains to select that one which is true.

Of course, dissenting opinions do not set precedent, but it was the first time that the Supreme Court addressed this particular issue.


Perhaps most importantly is that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution trumps all definitions of “natural born citizen” as it provides an explicit description of who shall be citizens: “making all persons born within the United States and subject to its jurisdiction citizens of the United States”.

The Fourteenth Amendment definition was used in 1872’s Supreme Court case of SLAUGHTER-HOUSE CASES, 83 U.S. 36 (1872) 83 U.S. 36 (Wall) with the outcome that the Constitution has settled this issue is plain English. (D)


(A) http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=208961
(B) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/top-dem-warns-gop-poised-to-take-up-birther-a…
(C) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_born_citizen_of_the_United_States
(D) http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=83&invol=36


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8.28 ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally – Washington DC – A Review

The Restoring Honor rally was Glenn Beck’s idea.

It was his concept. Glenn Beck was ever present from beginning to the end of the 8.28 Restoring Honor rally.

Not only did Beck speak throughout but he had prerecorded the voiceovers so that as the rally segued from one presentation to the next his voice was like Morgan Freeman’s, where Freeman narrates as if God was looking down upon the earth and his creation.

Glen Beck - Ever present.

Much thought was put into how to involve, to interest and to keep the 'Restoring Honor' participants attention. Glenn Beck and presenters were always viewable and hearable over a very high quality audio system and large video screens spread throughout the Mall area.

A snippet from the Restoring Honor website as to the day’s theme:

“Throughout history America has seen many great leaders and noteworthy citizens change her course. It is through their personal virtues and by their example that we are able to live as a free people. On August 28, come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future.”

“Join the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many more for this non-political event that pays tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.”

“Our freedom is possible only if we remain virtuous. Help us restore the values that founded this great nation.”

I will revisit these themes throughout my review and give my critique.

However, simply yes, the event embraced its theme and did not stray. Partisan critics have already written such things about this event as “Anger Floods the Mall Along with Glenn Beck” … this just did not happen.

If you read my review to the end you will find that 8.28 was a instead a day of anti-anger, anti-racism, and anti-status quo.

There was/is indeed an underlying strategy at work by Glenn Beck and behind 8.28.

Warning: if you take left-of-center knee jerk criticism of what happened as reality then woe unto believers of that alternate reality.

Glenn Beck reinvented himself on 8.28, and I believe that this event was intended to be a boomerang rally: If you wish to believe that Beck is merely and simply causing more trouble then you are wrong. Beck is crazy like a fox. And like a fox you had better stop whining about him being crazy and start counting your chickens. Beck is coming for them.


They came by the tens of thousands.

They came from California and Florida and Idaho and so many different places. The young. The old. One of the networks reported their estimate of 87,000 people coming out for the 8.28 Restoring Honor rally … yes, I can believe that. I came with two cameras and a video camera to document the event.

August 28, 2010 Restoring Honor rally, Washington DC

The Restoring Honor rally - called by some 'Goodstock'

I walked the rally from end-to-end and across the depth.

I have lots of photos of people (many, many more than in my photo album of this event). So many came that there was no choice but to make friends. People filled the walkways, the hillsides, the fields adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial.

People were standing shoulder to shoulder throughout  and between the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial … and from there to the hillside of the Washington Monument were large crowds of Americans that also came for out for the rally.

Video screens help the crowds view speakers

Large video screens through the Mall area help the crowds view and see speakers and presentations.

The Participants

“They” were white America. This was a 99.99% white participant event. It would be generous to say that 4 or 5 non-whites (including Latinos) per 1,000 were in attendance, although that number is probably safe within any margin of error on my part.

Restoring Honor Rally participants

In any direction, the crowd extended the length of the Mall and stood shoulder to shoulder.

It would be very wrong however to say that this was an event for white America. Critics of this event that did not come out and experience this event in person will miss that something very unique and important happened on 8.28.

The core message: the real message delivered on 8.28 reached its intended audience: activist white America. The message was simple: Hate and anger and denial about the past will not win for us in the future. You need to go home and think about what makes America great: Hope. Faith. Charity. The core message was that unless these things are openly embraced then America cannot and will not be great again.

Throughout the day, the majority — yes, the MAJORITY — of speakers and presenters on the platform were NOT white Americans. My interpretation is that Beck (and by extension Palin) is trying to move beyond the combative contentiousness of the Tea Party. Such would be a delicate maneuver to be sure as Tea Partyers made 8.28 a huge success. Ultimately, however, the Restoring Honor rally was not a Tea Party event — either in style or in message.

My belief is that 8.28 was a test of the waters for a 2012 campaign theme. For left-of-center you need to study carefully what happened on 8.28 because it was the launch of a strategy: unite conservative and center-right America by purposely reaching out to people of color.

The Strategy – A Theory

It is a fair question to ask how a massive rally made up of 99.99% white participants could be a strategy to reach out to those that were not there.

Here are my key thoughts:

  • An old school standard of teaching and reinforcing concepts was used: Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them. Glenn Beck and team managed to keep a major promise: this was not a politicized event. There were no harsh words and I do not believe that President Obama’s name, or even mention of any political issues, was ever brought up. Instead the crowd, many of whom wore t-shirts with the rally’s theme imprinted, were told that 8.28 was all about “Faith. Hope. Charity.” That theme was constantly reinforced by every speaker.
  • Prepare the audience to think different. Whatever story you wish to believe about why the 8.28 ‘Restoring Honor’ rally was held on the anniversary of the Reverend Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech is probably true.– Beck says that he did not realize the significance of the day until he had scheduled  the event. Maybe. Washington DC is miserably hot during August. Absolutely sweat drenching miserable. If there is going to be a cool day it will be at the end of the month. Beck may well have chosen the last weekend for the same reason that anyone else would. As it turns out, it was an incredibly nice, cool day.

    — If Beck set out to hijack Martin Luther King’s legacy by holding his event on the same date then the calendar makers must also be in collusion. 8.28 rarely falls on a weekend. I am open to believe in coincidence. I am skeptical enough to believe in planning.

    — For Beck’s critics and for those that love a great conspiracy theory, Beck indeed did not waste the significance of the date. The entire event from start to finish explicitly adopted and explored and embraced themes of 1963’s I have a dream. This included Beck et al telling the audience that just as we overcame the wrongs and injustices  of our racist past … STOP! We have racism in our recent past? Beck is telling us that we have a hurtful and wrongful racist past? Didn’t he know that his audience was 99.99% white?

    — The strategy of 8.28: Prepare the minds of potential missionaries and disciples for the direction that you want them to go! If there was indeed a strategy (my conspiracy theory) then Beck would need the audience’s cooperation. Potentially this could be a tough audience for what was yet to come.

  • Show your audience that you mean what you say. Let me repeat that the majority of the presenters and speakers on the stage were not white Americans. Beck did what the GOP and the Tea Parties have not done: he involved the rest of America. Beck involved people that stood at Martin Luther King’s side back in 1963 and now in 2010 they were on the stage with Glenn Beck embracing “Faith. Hope. Charity.” Beck created a very carefully choreographed event that repeatedly and in many gentle but not subtle ways told the white American audience ‘Think different!’ and to those that did not attend but pay attention beyond the 24/7 network media spin: Beck told much of the rest of America you matter and we want you to join us.

August 28th was a beautiful day and tens of thousands of Americans joined each other. Whether you agree or disagree with their politics I will share this one last thought: the battle for 2012 arrived today, and it may be fought differently than many believe.


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Why Glenn Beck (on TV) Makes Me Crazy

My problem with Glenn Beck is that he has a 3 step formula:

#1 – Beck focuses your attention on a problem.
#2 – Then Beck obfuscates reality with what seems to be an academic discussion and beaucoup facts, many are pseudo facts.
#3 – Once Beck has you thinking then he often goes in a different direction by telling you who is to blame for all these problems … and in doing so he conveniently focuses on a select group of individuals using lots of labels like socialist, marxist, etc. Having synchronized your mind with a problem statement and supposedly supportive debate and data,  once Beck has you completely in agreement that a problem exists and that we need to hold someone responsible (someone that he has provided as a target), then his program runs out of time without identifying a solution.

Beck has identified himself as just an entertainer. I think not. Entertainment is a throwaway commodity. Entertainment is inconsequential in dealing with problems of life. Beck’s effect on American society is not inconsequential.

It is OK for him to make lots of money. That’s cool. I’m a firm believer in capitalism.

However, the all important consequence of what Glenn Beck is doing is that he is creating doubt in the very basis of our government. He is undermining almost any hope of progress.

As a conservative, I find that Beck’s approach (and certainly Rush Limbaugh’s philosophy on politics, too, among others) creates major problems: if no one is to be trusted in government then why do conservatives deserve a chance to govern? Does ‘govern’ mean anything?

As a conservative, I find Beck’s pseudo-intellectualism is actually keeping people from ‘thinking’ … sure, he makes people think, but he has them focused on being mad at someone, and not on being problem solvers.

When someone like Utah’s Senator Bennett is attacked as being a RINO and not conservative enough — yet has an ACU ranking score of 84 — then we have reached a point where no one has any credibility left. Much of the destruction of trust can be laid at the feet of Beck (and Limbaugh and others).

Beck is actually killing the chance that any sort of repeat of a Reagan Revolution will happen.


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Coffee Party wants Conservative opinions. How to give yours!

The Coffee Party wants your opinion.

Yesterday I met one-on-one with Annabel Park for more than an hour. Annabel is one of the Coffee Party principal founders.

We discussed a wide range of topics, and how conservatives view the Coffee Party.

Yes, I know that some folks are working hard to say that the Coffee Party is just a conspiracy to distract Americans by getting them to talk to each other civilly, or that George Soros (or pick your favorite boogeyman) is pulling the strings.

However, I’ve met with the Coffee Party founders three or four times over the last week — and I don’t believe that my conservative credentials or beliefs can be questioned: I oppose Obamacare, want term limits, want a balanced budget constitutional amendment, am an NRA-card carrying gunowner, and I’ve served my country in uniform for 20+ years. I  still serve my country.

Since our one-on-one, Annabel and I have spoken several times. She wants to know what YOU think.


Participants in Coffee Party meetings could just yada, yada, yada all day long … and with free refills that does indeed happen … but that doesn’t mean that anything gets said that can be portrayed as a trend, or as what a group of people actually believe.

To better understand areas of agreement, disagreement — and even topics without any apparent patterns of agreement at all — the Coffee Party is using something called the ‘Coffee Sphere’.

The Coffee Sphere sits on the homepage at http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/ — below is what the ‘sphere’ looks like.

Bill4DogCatcher.com sez: It may look like a poll or a survey, but it is much, much more. The sphere collects opinions and groups them within categories such as self-described “liberal” or “conservative” or “very conservative”. It gives folks a chance to represent their group values.

So what do conservatives believe, not believe, and agree upon?  I encourage you to make your voice heard by taking the  Coffee Sphere experience. Learn more about how the sphere works and how it correlates your opinion with other folks’ thoughts.

Shy? Don’t give your real name or email address; just take the sphere and signup as your favorite cartoon character or whatever.

Thanks! Bill@Bill4DogCatcher.com

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Jon Stewart Channels Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck makes many valid points when he discusses issues of the day. He also has a habit of sometimes just drifting into alternate universes … and who knows what he is really thinking when he drifts off.

WARNING: Adult language, humor and strongly partisan parody will be viewed. On the partisan perspective, if you are offended by the message that’s OK. If you are offended by Jon Stewart’s parody imitation of Glenn Beck then you are probably really offended by the message — because Jon Stewart does a very good Glenn Beck imitation.

This is Jon Stewart’s channeling of Beck’s recent musings on how evil progressives are behind everything.


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South Park Does Glenn Beck

Using the school’s new media video system, Cartman spells out the real political threat behind the school lunch program and the student president’s agenda.

This blog by Bill Golden, Bill4DogCatcher.com, an independent fed up with party politics but friendly to the concept of smaller government, maximum personal freedoms, Main Street over Wall Street, fiscal responsibility and community first.

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