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Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said … Some Policy OPTIONS

Iraq … =^( … Sad … A wise man once said: If you break it you own it.


++ Put it out with the other broken stuff. Let someone else haul it away. Don’t look at the stuff until it is gone. It will just break your heart.

++ Try to superglue it back together. It will be uglier than ugly … but … nah, not a good idea.Everything for 800 miles in any direction is a bad neighborhood. Always has been. Always will be.

++ Play Olympian Gods: Hit the mortals with lightning bolts. If they assume that Mount Olympus is really angry then the mortals may play nice. Must be prepared to play God indefinitely. (It’s not like the place has been rebuilt since the last time we played God.) Must assume that mortals that believe that they will become martyrs will need convincing with LOTS of lightning bolts for several decades.

++ Create a ‘No Shit Zone’. This is also playing God. Develop a short list of 10 or less ‘Thou shall/shall not’ for the locals; promise a jobs creation plan for Americans at home (after getting them to work for less) for the endless production of lightning bolts. Besides, Israel has already shown that if you play really rough you can expend all of your lightning rods pretty damn quickly … this could create lots of jobs … although the result will be that we will increase by a factor of 300% the number of young kids that swear that once they grow up then they’ll be back to avenge their family.

No shit: Playing God ain’t what it used to be since the locals got the same weapons that we have. Just wait until China sells them a tactical Iron Dome. Jar Jar Binks … we need you buddy!


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Nelson Mandela the Terrorist?

Nelson Mandela the Terrorist?

Nelson Mandela - 1990 South Africa
Nelson Mandela – 1990, South Africa

Not all of what has been written since President Mandela’s death has been about the good that came from his life. There are those that prefer to focus on why he went to prison in the first place: armed terrorism … or was he a freedom fighter? =^)

My buddy Lou D’Abbraccio gave an eloquent perspective on this and the plight of black South Africans:

“… would the country have agreed to the changes necessary to address past injustice without the threat, or the reality, of violence? That question will go unanswered; Were I in his position, I might have embraced the same tactics if that is what it took to bring about change. If he had persisted in those tactics after de Klerk ended apartheid, he would have been like any other post-colonial thug. What made Mandela different, and worthy of praise, is that when he rose to power, he did reject those tactics, and pursued reconciliation over retribution. He could have been Mugabe – but he wasn’t. In his moment, he chose to be a statesman. It doesn’t excuse the rest, no – but it is worthy of praise nonetheless.”

Well said, Lou.

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Politics … ‘Just the facts’ really do not seem to matter in the face of ‘truth’

Strangely most people want to believe the worst. Seldom do facts matter when you can tell a great story about an evil threat and how your group (whomever that group is) is the only thing standing between evil and the loss of ______.

BTW, please send money to help us in our fight.

Was reading a lament earlier today from someone that has been working their ass off to try to create a middle of the road group within the GOP: honest conservatives with a strong libertarian streak but not given over to hyperbole and appealing to emotion as the reason to do X, Y or Z.

Seems that the rug keeps getting pulled out from under them and/or they are finding a huge number of folks just seem to want to follow the ridiculous … facts are slung all over the place but seldom are the facts factual … and few seem to care.

How do you compete against that?

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Dear DogCatcher – Are you libertarian or not?

If being libertarian is being reliably fiscally responsible and socially liberal then yes I am libertarian.

Yet being libertarian often seems to go much further than that: there are no shortage of libertarians that believe that government is inherently almost evil and the kids on the playground, if left unbothered by government, would get along just fine because they would find a way to work it all out … on their own.

There are lots of other kids on the playground, and only a very few care about libertarian perspectives — although the general appeal of libertarianism is HUGE.

Once the kids start to play then reality sets in as they realize that only one ball is needed and only a few bats are needed for the game. Those that were there first with the ball and the several bats find that they have leverage over the others kids on the field … and so they usually make some special rules or threaten to take their ball and go home if they can’t … and they usually do … we all learn the rules as kids … when we are purist libertarians in our unstructured playgrounds.

Have kids meet two times in a row for almost anything and they will form a government with a hierarchy and a social order. Libertarianism is more of a guiding light rather than guidance for actual life.


I agree with lots of libertarian theory and thought. When given the opportunity I opt for minimal government interference in our lives and in our choices and freedoms. I believe in minimal taxation but also believe that taxes are an essential evil within our existence. Ultimately I try to be a pragmatist and so I also opt to support what are obviously non-libertarian positions as my primary position.

On a really, really, really good day a libertarian-minded candidate might get 5% of the vote in an election. That is a really, really, really good day. But blend in some pragmatism and many libertarians play quite nicely with the other kids on the playground, and the other kids will also play with them.

My brand of pragmatism also causes me to doubt the sincerity of some libertarians; libertarianism has its own internal spectrum of beliefs ranging from anarchism to corporatism (think Koch Brothers).

Claiming to be libertarian provides a great excuse for wanting government out of our lives so there is no one to play mediator as we shake down and empty the pockets of the public. Or playing as a libertarian is a great way to shift the burden of business costs onto the general public while minimizing our individual responsibility for taking care of our employees and providing them a decent wage and some meaningful benefits.

So if being libertarian is just being reliably fiscally responsible and socially liberal then yes I am libertarian.

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Left or Right – Paper or Plastic – Heart or Brain? … Life is better without talkingpoints.

I’ve come to accept me for me.

The left side of my brain seems to be Democratic. The right side seems to be Republican. Where it all meets in the middle I tend to pick and choose those ideas that seem appropriate for the situation.

Am hopelessly Independent … but happy that both sides are feeding me constant thoughts and ideas.

Heart and Brain - I am with stupid

The Heart and Brain image was found while reading Sarcastic Mama on Facebook.

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Election 2012 — The end is coming. The end is coming. And then winter is coming, too!

Election 2012 — The end is coming. The end is coming. And then winter is coming, too!

Please remember that the first warning of the end of the Republic was in 1800 when Jefferson crept into office — that damned non-Christian Unitarian do-gooder that believed in revolution every 20 years and thought that Muslims (Mohamadens) were fine people. Jefferson was the president that took our navy down to just 6 ships and cut the Army to barely 4 regiments … Jefferson then spent tax money to buy Louisiana and later wrote that he believed that his own actions were probably unconstitutional.

Jefferson was indeed revolutionary and perhaps our first and last libertarian president:

Jefferson slashed army and navy expenditures by half, cut the budget, eliminated taxes on whiskey, houses, and slaves, and fired all federal tax collectors. He reduced the army to 3,000 soldiers and 172 officers, the navy to 6 frigates, and foreign embassies to just 3 in Britain, France, and Spain.

During the winter months of his first term he spent time slicing and splicing parts of two New Testament Bibles specially ordered in large print from a Berlin, Germany printer because he wanted to get rid of all the nonsense in the Bible. We now know this as the Jefferson Bible, which is in use around the world in various languages (Spanish | German).

His opponent predicted that women’s virtues would be unprotected and quickly molested once Jefferson took office because he believed that government had no role in the relations between people … and … Jefferson was the ultimate boogeyman by rolling back the equivalent of the Homeland Security Act (the Alien and Sedition Acts) and upon inauguration declaring the will of the minority views in our society as also being of importance:

“The will of the majority is in all cases to prevail”, Jefferson declared. But, he added, “that will to be rightful must be reasonable; the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression”

The election of 1800 was radical and nasty, and yet the election of 1824 is still considered the nastiest in all of American history. Much of our current day politics evolved out of the bitter battles of 1824 and 1828 more so than the earlier elections which actually involved primarily our founders running for office.

There are times, such as in 1860, when we really are at the brink. Right now we are just generally spoiled children that want things our way and want our toys back if the other side refuses to play by our rules. This too shall pass.

Our nation has been at its probable end ever since it started. Thank God for the day after when all the ninnies end up so silly looking.

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About Benghazi – Tragedy, Misinformation, and Politics

Wars of all kind are ugly. What it takes to prevent fighting real wars is also ugly.

What happened in Benghazi, Libya on the evening of September 11th, 2012 is a tragedy.

It has also been a tragedy that this happened during a major election season. At any other time we would have publicly had some political disagreements and then moved on to a congressional investigation that took so long to report back that most people had forgotten that an incident occurred.

About Benghazi – the CIA gave its presentation of our response during the Benghazi attack yesterday (Thu Nov 1st). Its spokesman acknowledged the fact that yes we had a large number of folks there doing stuff, and its available resources were used to respond immediately. About the time delay – the CIA undoubtedly delayed giving an accounting of what happened on the ground so that it could fully withdraw all of its assets from the area. That includes locals and their families that we had worked with. // Accounts of the CIA briefing and the unfolding story: Story 1 / Story 2 / Story 3

There has been a lot of misinformation about Benghazi.

Every administration waffles when it is not in control of all the facts. Most of the misinformation has been by those that want President Obama gone.

Misinformation such as:

  • Obama watched it happening live.
  • Obama told the troops to stand down and not to assist.
  • We had an armed drone over the area that could have come to the area and shot up the attackers.
  • That we had troops just one hour away. Kinda, sorta true but mostly not. We had troops one hour away at jet fighter aircraft speed in Sicily, Italy.
  • That the ambassador should have had armed Marines with him. This changed back in 2006 under the prior administration to where our diplomats travelled in the field with primarily contracted security.

Yes, there have been misjudgements, although the bigger story of Benghazi is yet to emerge.

Ugliness happens. Each administration has its foibles.

In Iraq, we lost 4,486 dead, 31,925 wounded and 350,000 with diagnosed traumatic brain injuries from a preemptive war to take away another country’s weapons of mass destruction. We are still looking for weapons of mass destruction, almost 10 years later — even though our own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) issued a report months before the start of the war that there were no confirmed WMDs in Iraq.

The real story in Benghazi is probably one that we as a government are not ready to deal with, regardless of who is in government at the moment: the CIA was running an operation out of Benghazi, trying to keep it low key by making it seem that we had just a small consulate occasionally visited by our ambassador.

In Benghazi the bad guys found out and decided to take us out. As in all such operations we try not to discuss our intelligence operations. For the CIA to discuss the attack itself and what we really did to respond — which the CIA finally did do on Nov 1st — forces into the public discussion the larger story of what had been a covert operation to begin with, and obviously to acknowledge our presence there now is to say now that we no longer have that presence.

Wars of all kind are ugly. What it takes to prevent fighting real wars is also ugly.

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