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Bogus Claim – Bush wiped out the Clinton $5.6 trillion surplus in just two years

The graphic below is making many rounds on the internet, and its publication is specifically widespread on Facebook.

Problem: The primary claim is grossly incorrect — so incorrect that the claim qualifies as a BIG Lie.

Bush wiped out Clinton surplus - BOGUS

Grossly inaccurate/BIG Lie category: Clinton left a $5.6 trillion surplus? Really? Per the Clinton administration’s own numbers, the surplus never exceeded $400 billion, and was just $237 billion in its best year (2000).

Good things were done to manage debt during President Clinton’s last few years: there was significant progress in paying down national debt in 1999 and 2000. The National Debt Clock had stopped and was even reversing.

Also good was that new debt under President Clinton’s eight years was minorly incremental as compared to almost all other presidents since World War II. Yet national debt within President Clinton’s last year in office began to rise again — all the gains of debt paydown in 2000 were wiped out by 2001’s gains.

As for debt hitting $10 trillion on Bush’s watch: $10,628,881,485,510.23 was the debt on President Bush’s last day in office. It was $5.727 trillion on the day he took office.

Note: It is easy to check such numbers. The Department of the Treasury has a website that let’s you check the national debt (technically ‘Public Debt’) at any time. You can check the numbers yourself at Debt to the Penny.


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Food Stamp Presidents – Who Holds the Record. Shhh!! There is no beating around the Bush.

Newt Gingrich recently called President Obama ‘the food stamp president‘.

Yes, food stamp usage has gone up under President Obama. It has gone up by about 3,000,000 … the approximate number of people that lost jobs during the Great Recession during President Obama’s portion of the Great Recession.

Umm, ah … however, the record for the greatest growth in food stamps belongs to President George W. Bush.

There were 31.6 million Americans living in poverty in 2000. There were 37 million by 2005, an increase of 5.4 million. That number dipped slightly with the ever so mild economic growth of 2006 and then it hit the skids again in 2007, surging from 36.5 to 37.3 million within 12 months.

What? Doesn’t Gingrich know that we live in a world where you can easily check the numbers?

If you really look at the numbers closely, food stamp usage decreased every year between 1993-2000 and then began almost a constant upward ascent between 2000-2010 — the only jagged edges in these numbers were with the people on the wrong end of the economic magic wand.


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Tea Party Demographics – Wealthy And Well-Educated … But Is There A Plan?

I recently cofounded a unique beast in Prince William County, Virginia: Prince William’s Future, which is both a Tea Party and Coffee Party chapter.

OK, so maybe I’m a little crazy at times. Maybe crazy like a fox or just plain crazy. History will judge me. I’m ignoring all judgments prior to history’s final opinion.

What I can tell you is that the Tea Party will make itself felt as a political power between now and the 2012 election. What happens after that I have a hunch about … but will save that for another blog item.

Per a recent New York Times/CBS Poll: Tea Party supporters are wealthier and more well-educated than the general public … the 18% of Americans who identify as Tea Party tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45 … they are more conservative than Republicans in general and responded to the  CBS/NY Times poll as more “angry” than “dissatisfied” … and the majority do NOT want Sarah Palin for president.

This NY Times/CBS poll is actually a very good demographic description of the Tea Party Movement, and is the first ever attempt to investigate and to present a picture of what the Tea Party is comprised of within its support base.

The level of support in the belief system of Tea Party supporters is very stark:

  • 90%+ of Tea Party supporters think the country is headed in the wrong direction, compared with about 60 percent of the general public.
  • Nearly 9 in 10 disapprove of the job Mr. Obama is doing over all, and about the same percentage fault his handling of major issues: health care, the economy and the federal budget deficit.
  • 92% believe Mr. Obama is moving the country toward socialism, an opinion shared by more than half of the general public.

Bill4DogCatcher thinks:

— The country is indeed headed in the wrong direction, but it was well on its way before President Obama arrived. President Obama has also done good, too.

— On policy, President Obama gets a solid ‘C’. On health care he did what he said he would, his economic policies are a continuation of Bush’s policies almost without any modification, and on the federal budget deficit: it is only some amount of time before the U.S. government and we as a nation will be forced to declare bankruptcy. Our economic problems are not all due to Obama, probably most are NOT … but recent trends (financial collapse, bailouts, stimulus spending, the health care bill from hell) led Federal Reserve Chief Bernanke to warn last week that just our ANNUAL interest payments on the national debt/deficit could easily hit $1 Trillion by 2020. (Tim Geithner acknowledges that it is a possible scenario, but doesn’t believe it probable … probably with his fingers crossed.)

— Leading the country to socialism? No. President Obama is a traditional liberal. That doesn’t make him a socialist. But if he were a socialist what would it matter in a democracy where socialists can be voted out of office — socialists are democratic, too.

My greatest disappointment in President Obama is that he failed to deliver on open and transparent government. He could probably have allayed many of the concerns that Americans have about him if he had started off just delivering that simple promise.

As for Tea Partyers, I am also disappointed in the Tea Party. There is too much focus on emotional appeals ‘to save the nation’ and a distinct lack of intellectual honesty when it comes to critique of President Obama.

In my book, many Tea Partyers are angry because they gambled that Obama could be defeated. And they lost. They gambled that health care reform could be torpedoed and they lost.

To my fellow Tea Partyers: take a deep breath and consider: by looking the other way and not taking care of business from 2000-2008 made the election of President Obama possible.

I was very vocal on the national debt in 2004 and 2005 — when President Bush’s own numbers showed that we had lost the ability to maintain, much less tame, national debt. But my voice was a very lonely voice, except for the Concord Coalition.

Continued refusal to think a little deeper about how we got here will probably create a situation where we end up Bill Clinton II — after he and the Democrats were neutered in 1994, Clinton went on to achieve some impressive things in his second term because he had the power of the veto pen. Once Republicans took Congress they had to act like they were in power — and to do that they had to get past that veto pen.

We all should take a deep breath: wealthy or poor, well educated or otherwise. Let’s drop the name calling and try working together. We cannot do this alone. And certainly 18% of America is enough folks to make life miserable for our political opponents, but it is not a future without a rational plan — someone does have a plan, right?


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Bush’s Legacy Debt Nightmare will be doubled by Obama within 5 years.

Someone has a plan to pay for all of this, right?

President Obama inherited a national debt of about $11.4 trillion dollars. That debt had accumulated since President Reagan grew the national debt from a mere $930 million to $2.6 trillion (he had promised in 1980 to 100% pay it off by 1983), Clinton accumulated another $1.6 trillion in debt over 8 years, and Bush 43 gave us $6.4 trillion of our national debt.

We were staggering under the national debt before President Obama. There should be no doubt however that the most prolific accumulators of national debt have had an ‘R’ after their name … until now.

The outlook now is that President Obama will break all records and double the national debt within just five years, hard to believe but PolitFact has looked at the numbers and found them credible.

Our annual GDP is $14.4 trillion dollars (2009). We will soon owe more than our country is even capable of producing.

From the Washington Post, on Sunday April 4, 2010:

“A study we conducted at the Tax Policy Center found that Washington would have to raise taxes by almost 40 percent to reduce — not eliminate, just reduce — the deficit to 3 percent of our GDP, the 2015 goal the Obama administration set in its 2011 budget. That tax boost would mean the lowest income tax rate would jump from 10 to nearly 14 percent, and the top rate from 35 to 48 percent.”

“What if we raised taxes only on families with couples making more than $250,000 a year and on individuals making more than $200,000? The top two income tax rates would have to more than double, with the top rate hitting almost 77 percent, to get the deficit down to 3 percent of GDP. Such dramatic tax increases are politically untenable and still wouldn’t come close to eliminating the deficit.”

President Obama has no hope of paying for the problems he inherited, much less pay for new programs. His numbers and calculations are deeply flawed. The economy will collapse of its own weight and we will be at 8-9% or greater unemployment through 2013-2016.

Bill4DogCatcher.com: I deeply believe that our economy will continue to improve through early summer 2010 and then take a dramatic downward plunge — perhaps before November or just after … our economy cannot sustain more debt. The dam will break and make 2008 look like a practice warmup.

And in all fairness to President Obama, I do not believe that the Republicans have a plan either.  Actually they do or did have a plan called ‘starve the beast‘ which was to push the government (but not the country) to the brink of bankruptcy. The idea is to let economics do what they were not willing to champion through legislation. Once the beast really did start starving they had no plan … other than do more of the same. The bad news for President Obama is that he may deliver the coup de grace always wanted by starve the beast supporters — and it will happen with a Democrat at the helm.

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Political Correctness Breaks Out: Only Conservatives Are Violent & Angry & Hateful

Americans Calling For Politicians To Denounce The Growing Calls of Violence ” — I was glad to see this Facebook group pop up immediately after the health care reform vote and all of the craziness that went with it.

The group’s moderator does a great job of keeping things in check. However, it began to bother me that only one group was deemed capable of violence.

After a few days the trend among some of the contributors was clear: it was ONLY the conservatives and Teabaggers and Rightwingers that were violent and angry … and they were very, very dangerous.

As many of you know: I self-proclaim to be conservative.

But did you know that I am also active in the Coffee Party movement? I don’t froth at the mouth when I have something to say, my research into political trends is fairly comprehensive, and I spend most of my time lobbing questions about conduct towards those on the right.

Anyone that reads Bill4DogCatcher often should be able to vouch for me having some sense of balance and fair play.

I met ‘political correctness‘ today and there are folks that want me to feel dirty! guilty! full of remorse for having an agenda!

My agenda:  work against political violence and provocation for political violence.

But the agenda that I am supposedly guilty of is something different … the reality is that I published photos of protesters calling for violence and death against someone that is not someone on the left, or left of right. That is unacceptable. Only the right is violent and dangerous.

In doing some research I ran across an article from the Huffington Post ”10 Most Offensive Tea Party Signs And Extensive Photo Coverage From Tax Day Protests (PHOTOS)’, from December 28, 2009 — exactly 90 days ago.

Holy cow, thought I, these photos are nothing compared to the anti-Bush signs that Americans saw from 2003-2008. There is a doublestandard at work.

So I republished the anti-Bush signs in the group denouncing political violence.

The anti-Bush photos easily depict the story of how conservatives and the Right and the TEA folks actually are mild in their ability to call for violence compared to what is shown in the anti-Bush photos — see end of blog story for just some of the photos.

Bill4DogCatcher.com is no friend of the Bush Administration. In 2004, this dog voted Kerry. Bill4DogCatcher has been very critical of Bush and Bush policies. Yet … political correctness is strong with the force.

To prove the point that anger and violence and dangerous people exist just as much on  the left as on the right I posted some of the anti-Bush photos. After a few ‘WTF’ responses, I challenged folks to find one, just one, photo calling for the death of Obama — yes many tactless and racist signs have marched in protest — but I didn’t find any death to Obama signs in my Google searches. What I did find was tons of ‘Death to Bush’ signs and signs with very descriptive ways in which he should die.

Within hours of me posting the anti-Bush photos:

  • Several folks wanted them off Facebook as being not relevant to the topic  — denouncing calls for political violence.
  • My favorite response is ‘The lefties are all talk. Those on the right will actually hurt you’. …. ummm, really? So?
  • A number of folks wrote things like ‘the whole world hates Bush’s guts‘ … ‘it is Bush after all‘.
  • One reader repeatedly took me to task for trying to compare the photos to those in the Huffington Post storythat story is old (90 days is old?) … the point is that while tacky the ’10 worst’ signs focused on policy not a person.
  • Another reader wanted to know where I got the photos … off a conservative website, right? … Hello, no! I gave the Google search criteria used to find my photos: ‘Anti-Bush protest sign‘. … But what if I had found them on a conservative website? Does information from a conservative website invalidate the message in the photos or the MANY, MANY photos available on the web that called for Bush’s violent death?

Bottom Line: Advocating political violence and actual violence is wrong. We should work to dissuade, to confront, and to vigorously enforce laws quickly against those that would use or advocate violence. However, ignoring the calls for violence from one end of the political spectrum and calling it ‘discourse’ is also not acceptable.

Accept no excuses. Make no excuses. Do not be a hypocrite — it’s contagious!

WARNING: the following images depict anger and hate and a call for violence that no one has seen in almost two years — although many people may think they have seen signs like these because the media constantly barrages us with how one part of America is just so, so … well, you know.

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs

Anti-Bush Protest Signs


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