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Democrats, Republicans, and Chickweed

”The Democrats are the party of government activism, the party that says government can make you richer, smarter, taller, and get the chickweed out of your lawn. Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work, and then get elected and prove it.”

—P.J. O’Rourke

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Left or Right – Paper or Plastic – Heart or Brain? … Life is better without talkingpoints.

I’ve come to accept me for me.

The left side of my brain seems to be Democratic. The right side seems to be Republican. Where it all meets in the middle I tend to pick and choose those ideas that seem appropriate for the situation.

Am hopelessly Independent … but happy that both sides are feeding me constant thoughts and ideas.

Heart and Brain - I am with stupid

The Heart and Brain image was found while reading Sarcastic Mama on Facebook.

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Election 2012 – The GOP got Obama elected … again

I’m a conservative libertarian defector from the GOP. Since the majority of Americans identify with the ‘conservative’ brand then I must not be alone.

The GOP elected Obama president in 2008 and did it again in 2012.

If the GOP were really the party of business then it should understand that winning over your competitors is often based on winning by margin. You have got to convince non-users of your product that you are the right choice.

Things for the GOP to think about:

Social issues must become personal choices, not political mandates. Walk away from running people’s individual lives. Stop talking about ‘freedom’ and then embracing every aspect of national spying on people, groups and individuals possible and justifying it in the name of Homeland Security. Start talking about ‘small business’ as if you are saying something rather than creating deductions, tax breaks, and import/export deals that only large business can take advantage of.

And stop with the name calling. Obama may be, and is, a liberal but he is not a socialist. He is not a proto-communist. He is not someone that tripled our national debt. Get real.

Take a good long look at your family photo: full of white and aging white. It is not that people of color, almost every color, don’t like the GOP. The GOP doesn’t seem to like them. I know that this is not apparent to most GOP members because we all know a Black/Asian/Latino/Indian/Gay person that votes GOP. Yes those people exist. Several do. The GOP needs to show that it understands the problems and the challenges within the lives of the majority of these groups rather than writing them off. And keep in mind that the race card plays both ways — if you want to talk about white then realize that a whole lot of white voted for Obama.

2012 made it tough for libertarian conservatives to embrace what should have been the core GOP message: ‘Fiscal responsibility. Strong defense. Government out of our lives.’

The GOP message did not embrace these core conservative beliefs in a believable way.

Am not crazy about Obama. Did not contribute a penny to his campaign. But I did vote for him. And compared to the alternative offered: No, I do not regret my vote at all.

Dear GOP: get your act together and I’ll be back: ‘Fiscal responsibility. Strong defense. Government out of our lives.’ Skip the social issues!

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Americans abandon Democratic and Republican Brands – U.S. Political Party Identification as of September 2012

U.S. Political Party Identification

For the first time since polls began asking the question ‘Do you consider yourself a ______’, both the Democrats and Republicans have significantly lost brand association with Americans.

I consider myself ‘an Independent’ overtook both Democratic and Republican brand identification in early-2011 and has held its #1 identification spot ever since.

Voter Identification by Party as of 2012.09.30

Voter Identification by Party as of 2012.09.30 PollTracker

The biggest loser appears to be the GOP.

Loss of identification with being ‘Republican’ is strange since the the percentage of Americans that consider themselves ‘conservative’ remains a strongly dominating 46% over the 20% that identify as ‘liberal’. The Conservative brand has remained strong since 1980, never once dropping below 40% per Gallup.

Voter ideologic identification - 2012 0900

Voter ideologic identification per Gallup.com

One response from some Republicans is that loss of identification with the GOP just represents those conservatives unhappy with the party itself, and thus they declare themselves to be independent.

HOWEVER, when Independents are asked which party they lean towards then the Democrats have consistently come out ahead (Gallup Sep 2012) which can only be interpreted as a significant number of center-right Americans find it difficult to sympathisze with the Republican Party itself as the better choice over the Democratic Party.

Party Identification as of 2012 0900 per Gallup.com

Party Identification as of September 2012 per Gallup.com

Sources: http://polltracker.talkingpointsmemo.com/contests/us-party-identification and http://www.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx


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The Skeptical Libertarian says about being a GOP spoiler vote during 2012

Chances are good in 2012 that a majority of libertarians lean center-right and should favor Republicans.

Libertarians are a bit unpredictable. Leaning doesn’t mean pulling the lever.

From The Skeptical Libertarian, here is one view:

“A lot of people say that the Libertarian Party just works as a spoiler, because it can’t win. Well GOOD. That’s a valuable function: it penalizes the Republican Party for being anti-immigration, anti-gay, pro-war, and lousy on personal liberty. It shows that there’s a significant group of people who are fiscally responsible and are being alienated by the Republicans’ backward social priorities. That’s the kind of pressure we need to put on the GOP, since reforming it from within is evidently a failed project.”

“If it does nothing else but spoil the election for Romney, to me it will have served its purpose entirely.”

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Those tax-dodging 47% despised by the GOP are … are mostly GOP Voters. Go figure.

Atlantic Magazine and The Tax Foundation look at who the 47% are, how they vote and … holy cow! This can’t be … must be a statistical mistake … The 47% seem to live in GOP states and heavily vote GOP … and triple holy, holy, holy cow: the states with the lowest membership in the 47% seem to be Democratic-dominated states. WTF?

Reality Check: The chance always exists that the majority of the members of the 47% in the GOP-dominated states are Democrats and not Republican voters — although that would mean that almost every Democrat within the GOP states belongs to the 47%, with maybe a smidgen or two of GOP voters also participating. Logic Flaw: If this logic were true — that mostly only Democrats in Republican states are the 47% — then why do Democratic-heavy states have fewer members of the 47%? The top 10 states with the lowest rates of non-income taxpaying citizens tend to be bastions of Democratic voters and actually have the highest rate of income taxpayers.
Top 10 states where non-taxpayers live

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Barack Obama – ‘the worst president in history’ – koolaid and destiny

Over and over the faithful repeat the mantra that President Barack Obama is the worst president in history, and the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

Keep drinking the koolaid: The GOP is doing itself longterm damage if it keeps up the mantra that President Obama is the worst president in history. That constant repetition would seem to absolve the GOP of coming up with ideas and having to appeal to people with real alternatives.

Repeatedly saying the worst president in history just means that the rest of America is comprised of idiots if they somehow don’t see it that way. Some of those idiots vote.

Bad news: when it comes to Obama being the worst president in history the rest of America doesn’t see it that way. Not the great majority nor a simple majority see it that way.

Surveys show that fewer than half of Americans blame Obama for today’s economic situation. Two-thirds still blame the Bush Administration — you can’t get to 2/3rds unless a sizeable number of Republicans also believe the same way … and they do.

Surveys show that independents such as myself would like to vote for a conservative candidate … but we aren’t buying the worst president in history mantra. Mitt Romney responded recently to complaints that he wasn’t bashing Obama enough — Romney noted that his own focus groups just didn’t buy in to the storyline of the worst president in history.

Yes, Obama made some promises that he couldn’t keep. As a conservative independent (a real one, not one that votes straight GOP and then claims to be independent), I’m disappointed in a lot of things as regards the Obama Administration. However, I also don’t believe that the GOP has acted in good faith over the last four years. The GOP has shown neither the ideas nor the maturity of real remorse to claim that it can do better than Obama.

I voted GOP and for John McCain in 2008. In 2012 I lean towards Libertarian Gary Johnson but will vote for Obama if it appears that Virginia is on the edge of tipping to Mitt Romney, which at this time it is not.

Yes, I want the GOP to lose. A big loss would be great. Super. I would like the GOP to have a come-to-Jesus moment where it really reflects on how we and it got here.

As a stalwart GOP member from 1980-2009 it hurts me to say that I would like the GOP to go down in defeat in 2012 — but it is also the truth.

For the GOP, the last four years have been all about ‘taking our country back’ … back to what? … and to when? … Occasionally the words get mumbled ‘We could have done better …’. Those few perfunctory words are neither sincere nor followed by examinable public policy that shows the GOP means action, real reform, and not just more empty words that can’t pass a Math 101 review.

President Barack Obama is not the worst president in history.

Chances are good that history will record Obama as a president with a difficult economy that includes an aging population and a revolution in business productivity plus massive outsourcing plus two wars on his hands. History will also record that anything that Obama achieved was done with one of the most intransigent oppositions ever in American history by a Congress that was at a low of 19% approval rating — and has since fallen to barely a 10% approval level lead by folks that want to take us back and to tell us that President Barack Obama is the worst president in history, and the second coming of Jimmy Carter.


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