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Rick Santorum tries to channel Reagan but as for libertarianism: it is my way or the highway

Santorum is always quick to reach for the mantle of Reagan, and to paint himself as a modern day successor.

Reagan was of many strong opinions but he did not try to impose his social beliefs on Americans. Reagan openly embraced his libertarian streak.

‎”I fight very strongly against libertarian influence within the Republican Party and the conservative movement. I don’t think the libertarians have it right when it comes to what the Constitution’s all about. I don’t think they have it right as to what our history is.”
—Rick Santorum

“If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism . . . The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”
—Ronald Reagan

It is also good to know that one constitutionalist readily recognizes another. Not only do we have issues identifying real conservatives and real Republicans but the different constitutional fanclubs don’t seem to recognize the realness of the fandom on one another.

Thanks to Aaron Alghawi for sharing these quotes.

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Ronald Reagan and dodgy quotes

Each day a variety of Quotes of the Day arrive in my emailbox.

Am not so sure that much thought is given to some of these quotes. Or perhaps what seemed like a great quote once upon a time has now become tarnished with written history.

Today’s Quote of the Day:

To those who say we can’t cut spending, lower taxes and, yes, rebuild the defenses we need in this dangerous world, I have a six-word answer: “Yes we can, and yes we must.”

— Ronald Reagan, June 25th, 1981

No, no he didn’t and no we didn’t.

Yes, we did rebuild our defenses. Yes, ‘lower taxes’ happened. However it is most unfortunate that the ‘cut spending’  part never came about.

Yes, we cut social spending. And it was the Reagan Administration that proposed declaring ketchup a vegetable in school lunches long before the Obama Administration tried to declare pizza a vegetable — personally I think pizza as a vegetable is my kind of vegetable.

Defense spending of the 1980s knew no limits. And we did nothing to pay for it. By 1984 and early 1985 so many Republicans were alarmed that they tried to box Reagan in on the 1985 and 1986 budgets. Instead they bought the promise of trust me, it will all work out. (Reagan later said that he regretted all the red ink in his authorized biography by Lou Cannon).

The theory was that if we cut taxes and the economy grew then magic would happen: so much money would come in via taxes on the new economic growth that balance would be achieved. George H. Bush called this voodoo economics back in 1980 when campaigning against Reagan.  Yet, Bush, when faced with his own balancing act, chose to raise taxes — and paid for it because in a moment of insanity had declared ‘Read my lips: no new taxes’ which he was punished for.

Anway, the grand Reagan/Laffer curve didn’t work out as predicted and Reagan gave us the basis for our national debt today, leaving office with $2.7 trillion in red ink — even though he blasted Carter for leaving us barely $300 billion in debt, which Reagan claimed he will pay off completely by 1983. Oh, well.

It was not my intent to get off on a tangent about Reagan. I like Reagan. I was a 1980 Reagan campaign staffer and he will always be Saint Ronnie to me. I love the Gipper. It is just that Reagan was human and whomever is editor of these Quotes of the Day should either read them before posting or … anyway, oh, well. Whatever.

BTW – Many conservatives hate Reagan’s biography. Seems that having warts and being human is not what we want to know about Reagan. Reagan himself, and his wife Nancy Reagan, however seem to have had no problem with the biography. One of Reagan’s strengths was pragmatism and being a realist about most things.


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September 8th Republican Presidential Debate Summarized in 45 Seconds

Back to the future: 1980 or 2012?

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Who is Bill4DogCatcher.com? 2011 Summer Update.

I am conservative on the libertarian side.

I aspire to one day be appointed to the position of Advocatus Diaboli — am also willing to take my chances in an election.

Am centrist by nature. I am ALWAYS right but realize that I am responsible for convincing others of my wisdom; failing persuasion a deal may be needed.

Was born a Democrat (in a state that hadn’t elected a Republican to office in 100+ years) but joined ‘Democrats for Nixon’ in 1974 and have this really neat thank you letter from a guy known as Jeb Stuart Magruder.

Was active in the 1980 Reagan campaign as a regional college organizer (even put on a rock concert for the Gipper with my role being ‘the producer’).

1980 and thereafter I maintained my partisan independence as a person that still voted for the individual over the party — but when I didn’t know either candidate I voted Republican. Since I was in the military I adhered to a strict stance of non-political for any candidate or political party. Although I still sent $$ to the NRC and have a 1983 memento in the form of a plastic NRC membership card with ‘Sargeant William Golden’ embossed — just like a credit card except that I sent them money and got Reagan in return.

My faith in the Republican Party began to waiver strongly in 2003 with the Iraq war and the faux conservatism of much of the Republican Party. By 2009 I called it quits on being an ‘R’ and am now a devout independent.

Will drink beer/wine/coffee/tea with anyone … that is buying.


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Conservative schism in the fight over tax sharia and corporate welfare

“For anti-tax purists, including many in the Republican Party, … measures that roll back corporate subsidies, individual deductions or loopholes of any sort without comparable tax cuts elsewhere are considered tax increases.”
Washington Post, 2011.04.15

Conservatives are beginning to divide into pragmatists and dogmatists as they move to quickly address the impending debt ceiling reaching its limit at some time in May 2011 and to begin negotiations over the 2012 budget which should be relatively complete by late July 2011.

Some tried and true conservatives believe that corporate welfare — the subsidization of business operations, or discounting of taxes due — must be eliminated if we are to move towards a balanced budget and reduced deficits and national debt.

Willingness to sacrifice corporate welfare includes Saxby Cham­bliss (R-Ga.), Sen Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), and Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) as well as support from such conservative-movement fixtures as the Heritage Foundation, and the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

After Reagan agreed to raise taxes to offset huge growth in government defense spending, Grover Norquist of ‘Americans for Tax Reform’ gave us the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in the mid-1980s, which asks Republican lawmakers to take an absolute oath that they will not vote for any tax increase of any kind.

Norquist’s pledge has become dogmatic doctrine for the Republican Party.

Norquist now finds this dogma being challenged and he is personally being branded with the conservative buzzword of the year: sharia — Norquist is now being publicly called the “chief cleric of sharia tax law.”

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/no-tax-hike-pledge-creates-republican-rift-potential-roadblock-to-deficit-deal/2011/04/13/AFgWFdfD_story.html

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Cato Institute Advice to Tea Partiers

The Cato Institute has an interesting video laying out some advice to activists in the Tea Party. I think that this is good advice for all, whether Tea Party or other.

  • Republicans aren’t always your friends.
  • Some tea partiers like big government.
  • Democrats aren’t always your enemies.
  • Smaller government demands restraint abroad.
  • Leave social issues to the states.

What do YOU think!?

Learn more about the Cato Institute.

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Bush’s Legacy Debt Nightmare will be doubled by Obama within 5 years.

Someone has a plan to pay for all of this, right?

President Obama inherited a national debt of about $11.4 trillion dollars. That debt had accumulated since President Reagan grew the national debt from a mere $930 million to $2.6 trillion (he had promised in 1980 to 100% pay it off by 1983), Clinton accumulated another $1.6 trillion in debt over 8 years, and Bush 43 gave us $6.4 trillion of our national debt.

We were staggering under the national debt before President Obama. There should be no doubt however that the most prolific accumulators of national debt have had an ‘R’ after their name … until now.

The outlook now is that President Obama will break all records and double the national debt within just five years, hard to believe but PolitFact has looked at the numbers and found them credible.

Our annual GDP is $14.4 trillion dollars (2009). We will soon owe more than our country is even capable of producing.

From the Washington Post, on Sunday April 4, 2010:

“A study we conducted at the Tax Policy Center found that Washington would have to raise taxes by almost 40 percent to reduce — not eliminate, just reduce — the deficit to 3 percent of our GDP, the 2015 goal the Obama administration set in its 2011 budget. That tax boost would mean the lowest income tax rate would jump from 10 to nearly 14 percent, and the top rate from 35 to 48 percent.”

“What if we raised taxes only on families with couples making more than $250,000 a year and on individuals making more than $200,000? The top two income tax rates would have to more than double, with the top rate hitting almost 77 percent, to get the deficit down to 3 percent of GDP. Such dramatic tax increases are politically untenable and still wouldn’t come close to eliminating the deficit.”

President Obama has no hope of paying for the problems he inherited, much less pay for new programs. His numbers and calculations are deeply flawed. The economy will collapse of its own weight and we will be at 8-9% or greater unemployment through 2013-2016.

Bill4DogCatcher.com: I deeply believe that our economy will continue to improve through early summer 2010 and then take a dramatic downward plunge — perhaps before November or just after … our economy cannot sustain more debt. The dam will break and make 2008 look like a practice warmup.

And in all fairness to President Obama, I do not believe that the Republicans have a plan either.  Actually they do or did have a plan called ‘starve the beast‘ which was to push the government (but not the country) to the brink of bankruptcy. The idea is to let economics do what they were not willing to champion through legislation. Once the beast really did start starving they had no plan … other than do more of the same. The bad news for President Obama is that he may deliver the coup de grace always wanted by starve the beast supporters — and it will happen with a Democrat at the helm.

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