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Brentsville – Early Voting through December 20th / Read Candidate Positions on Issues

Election: December 23rd

Early Voting: through Saturday, December 20th
Brentsville-early-voter-registration snippet

The three candidates in the race are: Jeanine Lawson-R, Scott Jacobs-I, and Eric Young-D. The three have given statements outlining their positions on land use to Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG).

Supervisor Positionshttp://pwcbg.org/SupervisorPositions.html

You may be able to vote early if this describes you:

  • You commute and work long hours
  • You are a student or spouse of a student attnding school outside Prince William County
  • You are traveling outside the County for business or personal reasons
  • You have an illness or disability
  • You are a first responder
  • You are a military member or spouse of a military member

Brentsville Early Voter Registration Flyer for you to share and to distribute 

A thank you goes to Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG) for providing this information.

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